Why Are Aries So Angry ? The Dark Side Of Aries: How To Deal With Anger

Everything in the universe has a duality, like the description of yin and yang, good and evil, totally opposite, but necessary. All things have two opposite and complementary forces at the same time. We observe this duality in the zodiac as well. Learn about the dark side of Aries and how to cope with it.

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Aries are nervous individuals who get angry and all red when things do not go as they wish. They pretend to have a governing personality because their whims are for the most part loud. However, these are not only whims, in reality.

If they face the slightest danger, they will calm down very quickly and return to hide themselves pitifully in their corner. Other than that, there is not much to add because their nature is devoid of any interesting complexity.

The dark side of Aries: anger

The dark side of Aries is usually their way of understanding life. Everything must be done as they please. This characteristic sometimes makes them immature, impatient and impulsive and makes others feel bad.

To say that you are angry is an understatement. If we knock on your door you answer, and believe us, better not to ask for the fury of an angry Aries.

Aries, a sign of fire with a strong temper, is unpredictable and completely spontaneous when it comes to their actions and reactions. Also when provoked, they can enter hallucinating state of rage.

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Why should you avoid getting angry?

In nervousness and anger, we lose our capacity for discernment. We don’t see things as they are. Communication becomes difficult and dangerous.

What can happen to you when you are angry? These 4 things can happen:

You may say or do things that you may regret later (criticism, accusation). And afterwards, you would say things such as: “It was not I who said that …” or “I was emotional”.You risk lashing out at someone and injuring them (physically or mentally).You risk making hasty and irreversible decisions.If you don’t express your anger correctly, you will feel physically bad. This discomfort is not harmless to your body and in the long run, you risk stomach ulcer. This is what happens especially if you “suppress” your anger.

How to deal with it?

Can we control our anger?

There are two possibilities:

Contain it: the reaction is censored, but the emotion remains and the sympathetic nervous system continues to get carried away (blood pressure, high heart rate, muscle tension).Or learn to deal with this emotion differently, to calm it down thanks to what we call cognitive re-evaluation: it is a question of returning to reality (the other has been malicious, but perhaps unwittingly or without realizing that it made us angry) so that anger seems less justified or necessary.

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Is there any technique that can help?

The best known is mindfulness meditation. This develops our natural ability to remain calm by increasing the volume of the frontal areas and the neocortex, which are the keystone of cognitive reassessment. The prefrontal cortex controls the amygdala, slowing it down with projections that can significantly reduce anger when it is not justified. We thus avoid the harmful effects of contained rabies. Neuroscience is showing us that there is always room for improvement in the brain too.

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