What To Say To A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear (Best 9 Compliments)

You are having a keen eye on an attractive Scorpio man and wonder how to get his attention absolutely?

No need to do any big deal, sometimes just finding the right words to say and you will be capable of keeping his tough heart.

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So, what a Scorpio man wants to hear actually?

There are certain things he would love to hear more often. You’re in luck today! We are going to dig into this topic in this article so that you can gain a deeper understanding into the Scorpio guy’s mind.

Here are some key things your love interest wishes his girl would say to him as frequent as possible…


#1: Give him compliments

Scorpio man seems cold and discreet on the outside and often acts like he doesn’t need or care compliments. However, the truth might be different – he instead wants to get praised once in awhile.

You can compliment him about anything, but make sure it’s sincere and genuine.

He’s intuitive enough to know if you’re true to what you say or not. Thus, don’t pretend to like his outfit (which you obviously don’t) just because you think that he will love you better after receiving your hollow compliment.

Simply tell him how good he is at something, or compliment his physical appearance as well as his characteristics. If you find anything make him attractive and unique, compliment him using good words.

Have a look at tips to win a Scorpio man back using compliment, also!

#2: Talk about your dreams and goals

One of the keys to make a Scorpio fall in love with you is to discuss with him about your goals or more specifically what you want to achieve in the near future. His ideal type is always the woman ambitious and trying to reach success.

He’s also striving towards the success of his life; therefore, hearing you mentioning about your dreams and objects will surely catch his attention.

When bringing up this topic, make sure not to focus too much on yourself or he will then feel the whole conversation is all about you and there’s nothing to deal with him. Balancing about what you want to say and what you want to know from him is important.

Ask him interesting questions and he would love to share his own goals with you.

#3: Give the spotlight to your adventures

Here comes is another topic that your Scorpio guy enjoy listening but you again should not dig in too much about it. The purpose of this talk is to give him a glimpse on how independent and adventurous you are.

He doesn’t feel attracted to clingy or needy women; hence, it’s a good idea to talk about your fun trips alone or with friends. In addition, you can keep the conversation going by telling him things you love to do, such as your hobbies, crafts, or anything you really feel excited about.

Remember not to go much in details – making a two-way conversation by asking him questions rather than letting him sit there and only listen to your story.

Direct stating your opinion about the need of a man cannot be applied to you, and you will get more score from the Scorpio male.

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#4: Flirt with him

Aside from praising him, Scorpio man loves the most if you flirt with him. He is an expert in expressing his feelings so he expects a bit flirty from you. Be confident and show him how charismatic you are. If you’re the expert of using sexual innuendoes, then it will be a knock out for him.

The guy with Scorpio zodiac sign is very sensual; therefore, he really wants to know if the woman approaching him is sexy as well or not.

It will certainly be a turn off if he has to spend time with a prude.

Don’t act like you’re an innocent girl and not into sex or you will never grab the attention of a Scorpio. No need to go overboard, he expects light flirtation at the early stage of the chase. Let him know about your feelings for him using flirty words as the trick; as a result, he will gradually open up to you.

#5: Share stories about your family & friends

Scorpio man takes love serious as he is seeking a committed wife and devoted mother for his future children. Undoubtedly, family is a significant part of him; hence, he can’t help enjoying small stories about your parents, siblings, and relatives.

Based on the way you talk about your closest people (family and friends), he can see your true person when you’re with them. Knowing your feelings and inner thoughts about them gives him a chance to understand you on an in-depth level.

The tip is not to reveal everything as he will get bored if you do.

Just like other topics above, you need to give him a few questions after you’ve finished the story about your family. Ask him if he has any sibling or cousin, how he was raised, and about his perspective related to his future family.


At the end of the day, you finally know what a Scorpio man wants to hear.

I hope this article somehow could help you deal with this complicated guy much easier. Using the right, beautiful words enables to catch his attention and even achieve the greatest success in the relationship with him.

By saying exactly what he’s eager to hear, you can keep him stay forever. However, it’s much better if you come up with more ideas to make him commit himself to you willingly as he is extremely faithful in love.

Paying attention to the next step of your progress is important!

Learn about what this guy desires the most in a woman to make yourself the true girlfriend material, not just a quick fling.

If you feel like there are still more things about the Scorpio male you probably need in-depth understanding, simply leave your comment in the following chat box. Figuring him out completely can help you earn the best result from getting to know the man of your life.

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Wish you achieve only sweet things!

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