12 Signs A Virgo Man Likes You Signs, 12 Signs A Virgo Man Secretly Likes You!

Falling in love with a sun-sign known for being perfect and affectionate is awesome. It is understandable that your next question is whether the man you love loves you back or not?

Undoubtedly, you must be happy about being in love with a Virgo man for he is attractive and complicated in a special way. Deep down, you must be wanting to hear that he loves you back. Happens to all of us in love. We want to hear those three magical words from the one we adore and love.

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So far, if he hasn’t confessed his love and you have your doubts that he must be in love with you, you need to read through these signs that clearly proves that a Virgo man loves you.

How To Know That A Virgo Man Likes You?

To know if a Virgo man sees you as someone special or just a good friend, you need to take a look at the signs mentioned below.

Apart from this, learn about the traits of Virgo men, their expectations from a relationship and their behavior in a relationship. Here you go!

Traits Of Virgo Men

Planet mercury rules Virgo sun sign. It is amazing to mention how hardworking, intelligent, ideal perfectionists, accurate problem-solvers and adventurous Virgo men are.

Virgo men get along well with women who belong from Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Cancer sun signs.

Virgo men are both easy and complicated at the same time. Now it all depends on how much you love your Virgo man to be able to accept his strength and weakness.

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Signs That A Virgo Man Loves You

When we fall in love, unknowingly or subconsciously, we expect back the same love.

We might not say it, but the emotional side of ours always expects to be loved back. If you are keen on finding out if your Virgo darling loves you or not, here are inevitable signs that will say it all. Take a look!

Sign No 1 –They Make You Feel Safe

A girl is happy and comfortable in a relationship only when she is treated well.

If you are taken care of by someone special, wouldn’t you like how they ask about you about health or what happened in the entire day. You would like it right?

When a man makes you feel safe and happy for no specific reason, it is an inevitable sign that a Virgo man is in love with you.

For instance, he might check with you if you feel safe and happy at work or not, he will take a stand protect you from the crowd around.

Sign No 2 – They Stay In Touch Every Now And Then

It takes efforts if you truly care or want to be in touch with a person. Only a person who treats you special will bother about being in contact.

If a virgo man is in love with you, he will call you and message you frequently. A few hours will feel like days if he doesn’t get to talk to you.

When we are in love, to see our loved one texting and calling us every now gives immense joy and satisfaction. Virgo men are extremely possessive and protective, they somehow make time or leave their work for the one they love.

Sign No 3 – They Adore And Pamper You

We all want to be loved and wanted. Since you are unsure and want to know if the guy is really into you or not, you need to notice and test if he is pampering you.

A virgo man will go out of his way and decorate the room with flowers and organize for dinner dates to make you feel pampered. You will notice this sign if he is serious about you.

If you are still not sure if it is love, notice for how many months or days does he pamper you and even see how does he do it. If he genuinely keeps doing it all the time, it means he loves you and is not pampering you as a friend only. You are certainly someone special for him.

Sign No 4 – They Are Super Loyal

Loyalty and commitment is the only ingredient to take a love story ahead. If you are in love with a Virgo man and want to know if he loves you back, understand this sign of loyalty as the most important one that will prove it all.

If the Virgo man is truthful and lets you know all important details, he is probably in love. For all Virgo men, loyalty comes first and only then anything else.

A man from this sun sign who is in love with you will have his eyes and attention all on you. Why not take it ahead if you are totally drawn towards him?

Sign No 5 – They Will Openly Share Secrets

We keep secrets only from people we are uncomfortable sharing our problems with. However, if the man loves you and you love him back, would you be conscious about sharing your secrets? No, right?

That being said, you will be pleased to know that Virgo men openly talk about their secrets and they never have a problem sharing things with you when they start looking at you as someone way too special.

Are you ready to share your secrets with this special Virgo?

Sign No 6 – They Get More Expressive

To be able to express love or affection, it is obvious for the opposite person to be a family member or someone close to your heart. Do you agree?

Having said, when a Virgo man gains confidence that you are his lady, he will start expressing his personality and love more than you would have expected. Here it is clear that you are that special one in his life.

Otherwise, do you think it would be possible to express yourself deep to someone you are not connected or close to? None of us would be able to do it.

If you see a difference in the way he expresses himself with you, then probably what you’ve been waiting for all this while there waiting for you. Would you be happy to be called his Ms.Special?

Sign No 7 – They Would Notice You For Long

If a virgo man is interested in you, he would admire you, stare at you often and keep an eye on minor details like your dressing, about your health, work etc.

Even friends take care of us and identifying if the man is in love just because he is noticing you or paying attention must be a little difficult.

But, when it comes to a Virgo man who loves you, he will do it more than a friend would, he will take care of you like he is taking care of himself and you will understand he is treating you special.

In times when you feel low or need motivation, you will always get his support.

If he has tried hard to hide his feelings all this while, his habit of noticing you and caring for you, puts an end to what he has been hiding all this while.

Sign No 8 – They Love Everyone You Love

When you fall in love, it so happens that you tend to love your lover’s family, his or her pet and sometimes even inanimate things that your lover is fond of. Agree?

When a person can value everything or everyone you love, it means you are special to him or her. This is with most of the Virgo men who are in love that they end up showing their affection for the people associated.

In a way if you look at this quality, you can consider yourself lucky to receive this special kind of love and attention from the Virgo man. Men who belong to the other sun signs aren’t like this.

Sign No 9 – They Are Hesitant About Touching You

You would have heard about virgo men as romantic lovers which is true. On the contrary, if a virgo man has started to fall for you, he would give you enough space and not get touchy.

These virgo men are shy and hesitant about getting physically close to their lover unless and until there is a commitment. Apart from this, virgo men are not into PDA either.

Once he is sure that even you are on the same page, then he gets all unstoppable and touchy. In a way, isn’t it a good gesture? Indeed it is.

Sign No 10 – They Enjoy Working Out With You

If you were just a friend, he wouldn’t mind hanging out with you or exercising too. But, when he is in love with you, it is altogether a different scenario. A Virgo man would insist on having you exercise with him.

This is his way of getting personal time with you and staying fit. If he loves you, he would care for your health as much as he would care about his health.

This is an incredibly healthy and romantic idea most Virgo men adopt to when they are in love.

Sign No 11 – They Make Efforts To Keep You Happy

There is not much of a difference in how much a friend would want to see you happy and the man who loves you. Both of them want the best for you and they don’t want to see you in pain or uncomfortable ever.

Wondering how is wanting to see you happy a sign that he loves you? It is not a direct sign. Nevertheless, it is an indirect sign. When he loves you, you will notice him making a sacrifice for you and if he is just a friend, he won’t necessarily sacrifice his happiness for you.

For example, if you want to go for a movie and his idea it to take you out clubbing, he will rather choose to take you out for a movie because you are happy with it.

Virgo’s men don’t think even once about their feelings, they go out of their way to do everything possible to see that smile on your face.

Sign No 12 – They Get Too Romantic

There are different ways of being romantic. It need not be the ‘love making’ romance always. A guy can be romantic by his talks, through his eyes and even through his kind gestures.

If a Virgo man looks at you as a friend only, he wouldn’t go out of his way to do something special for you. He would maximum be kind and take care of you.

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If he has started taking you out often or talking to you in a romantic manner mentioning your eyes, nose, ears or hair with admiration. He doesn’t look at you as a good friend only. He is even attracted or fallen in love with you.

Look into his eyes and soon you will be able to understand the difference.

Sign No 13 – They Show Their Affection By Cooking For You

More than a friend, it is a lover who goes out of his way, thinks on all lines, knows what is suitable or not suitable for your body and cooks for you with immense love and affection.

The one thing that would be of utmost importance to him is your health. He will cook what you love or even surprise you with a dish that is healthy and doesn’t have too many calories. Usually, this quality of being health conscious is not there in men who belong to the other sun signs.

Even friends cook and it is not a big deal, but he will make this a regular practice and friends don’t show this sort of affection every time. They would have their way of expressing love and affection.

If he is constantly cooking for you and taking good care of your health, he loves you. Period.

Sign No 14 – They Feel Free To Be Themselves

Today, most of us don’t feel being ourselves is a good idea. We are either afraid of being judged or we have trust issues. We can only be ourselves around people we love and this is exactly how a Virgo man is.

If a virgo man has all of a sudden started to open up with you, there are no doubts in the fact that you are special for him.

Usually, Virgo men find it difficult to loosen up and be themselves with another person. If he is able to open up with you, you are different from the others and he doesn’t want to lose you.

Sign No 15 – They Think You Are The Best

For anyone in love, their partner is the best. However, the fact that Virgo men are perfectionists, compliments don’t come that easily from them.

If he has begun to think of you to be the best for any reason, be it for your work, talent or your positive attitude. It clearly means that he has started to analyze you and doesn’t see you like any other woman.

If you are equally into this highly charming guy, to see him acknowledge the best in you must be a big good news for you, isn’t it?

If that’s the case, then you should make this two-sided love story go to the next level.

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When a virgo man loves you he will leave no chance to compliment you even if he is given a small chance.

No matter what, you will always be good in his eyes and the way he respects you at every point in life is highly commendable.

Things Virgo Men Expect From A Relationship



To make a Virgo man happy and impress him, you need to be close to perfect. It is not mandatory that you have to be perfect.

However, nothing like it if you can manage to overcome a few imperfections and settle down with his kind of thought process. They are sweethearts to be with. Take a look at what Virgo men want from a relationship.

a) The first quality they expect from their partner is that of being punctual. If you are living with a Virgo man or intend to settle down with him, ensure to be on time. They neither like to keep someone waiting, nor do they like waiting themselves.

b) Staying organized is every Virgo man’s trademark. They believe in being prompt and perfect. Having said, they expect their partner to be equally organized.

c) A Virgo partner would love to see his partner groomed and dressed well. Goes without saying that they are perfectionists.

d) A Virgo man will never want to hear criticism about his romantic gestures. Let him be himself. For them it is important to be loved and guided.

e) They expect their partner to be supportive during hard times in life.

f) Virgo men love their space. Therefore, avoid interfering in his space.

g) We all have doubts and questions in our mind. However, a few of us want to get all our doubts clarified, isn’t it? That’s exactly how Virgo men are and they expect you to lend your ears to them always.

h) Virgo men expect their partner to be understanding and co-operative when they get aggressive. Either they get aggressive out of love or fuss.

Things To Expect From Virgo Men In A Relationship



Virgo men want everything done on time. They love following their pattern and they can get worked up if things go haywire. They are lovable and sensible in love. Having said, here are a few things you can expect from a Virgo man in the relationship. Take a look!

a. No matter what, you will always get to see their disciplined and organized nature.

b. They are slightly dominating and expect their partners to get flexible with them.

c. Virgo men know how to creatively make love. Only a woman who understands that kind of love-making would enjoy intimacy with a Virgo man and vice-versa.

d. Virgo men are health conscious and don’t be surprised if he gives you an advice to stop eating junk.

e. You will always see your Virgo boyfriend or partner talking intellectual things and they like settling down with a girl who can appreciate those intelligent qualities.

f. Virgo men are complicated when they are emotionally hurt. He would express his feelings and when you confront him, he would act like he doesn’t care and is absolutely fine. Be prepared that this can even get annoying.

g. Virgo men are particular and protective about commitments. Virgo men wouldn’t prefer making an announcement of the relationship publicly unless and until he or his partner is sure.

h. Virgo men are vocal about their feelings, especially when it comes to wat gives them immense pleasure. They expect their partner to be vocal as well.

i. Virgo men can get fussy about how they want things to be. Therefore, be prepared to deal with the fuss if you are in love with a Virgo man.

j. Virgo men are quite possessive about their partner.

k. If you are in love with a Virgo, get used to seeing him worried most of the time. It is in their nature to worry more than required.

l. Virgo men are emotionally and physically loyal in a relationship.

m. You would get to witness his compassionate nature every now and then.

Final Word

Virgo men are affectionate, supportive, perfectionists, intense and highly romantic. At every point of their life, they will be loyal and caring in their relationship with you. The only thing they expect from you is to listen to them and let them be since they would equally understand and give you enough space.

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If you want to be in a relationship with a Virgo man, you will get to witness most of the qualities and situations mentioned in this article. If you have already found your love and he is a Virgo, you can relate to a few points mentioned here.

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