The Metrics Map Deep Dive

Customer Panel


  • Tazi Flory, Product Marketing Specialist, Sprout Social – Moderator
  • Brian Ayala, Manager, Digital Research and Analytics, Univision
  • Bita Porubsky, Social Content Manager, University of Kansas
  • Julian Bond, Social Media Manager, NSF International
  • Talissa Beall, Social Media Manager, Idea Grove

Session Time: 45 minutes

About this presentation
In this session, our experts teach you how to connect your goals to the metrics that matter by walking you through our new and improved Metrics Map. With representation from the media, education, nonprofit and PR industries, this panel answers questions such as:

  • “How can I use the Metrics Map to build a reporting system that will set us up for success in 2021?”
  • “How do I translate social metrics to leaders in my organization in a way they will care about?”
  • “How can I make the most out of Sprout to measure and optimize our social programs?”

Additional learning material and related sessions
These resources will help you make the most of this session.

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