Terminal Seven Brain Cancer, You Have Terminal 7 Brain Cancer

Terminal 7 Is the Dark Exploration of the Mario Bros You Need to Play Terminal 7 brings the grim world of Half-Life 2 and the bright cheeriness of Super Mario together for one dark, terrifying and emotional experience.

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2017″s Terminal 7 is a game made as a mod using Valve”s Source Engine and Half-Life 2. Its origin goes back to a one-off joke made by Vinny from Vinesauce during a stream where he corrupted Super Mario 64, resulting in crazy visuals that only got more bizarre over time. From that joke, a fan named Nooke created Terminal 7.

In essence, Terminal 7 is a game asking, “What if this was all in Luigi”s head?” and then delves into what that might look like. Everything looks dark and surreal, with visuals that shouldn”t work together, such as having a very tall stretched out model of Luigi from Mario Party walking around an abandoned pier, mowing down distorted models based on Koopas and Toads while creepy circus music plays. The visuals meld the look of Half-Life and combine it with the cartoony elements of Super Mario, resulting in something both amazing and creepy.

Terminal 7 itself is meant to mess with your mind. The name references the plot impetus for the visuals: Luigi has terminal brain cancer, resulting in vivid hallucinations. What the player sees on-screen when playing may not be what”s actually happening, and the story helps that idea as it goes on. The Koopas may just be officers trying to recapture an escaped Luigi, who is trying to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom and find Mario. When Luigi gets on a train in one level, it suddenly transforms into a brightly colored platforming challenge across blocks, showing us what”s going on very clearly.

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The game is a dark thriller tackling a hard subject, and though some parts get silly, the overall experience is very well put together. The music also helps a lot here, using songs from varying games that all feel dark or sullen. In a game like this, tracks like Darkest Dungeon“s “Cove Battle” or Crush“s “Funfair 03 (B)” really help set the mood and tone. Experiencing it in-game is mind-blowing, with music forming a significant part of the game”s atmosphere, helping to really pull in the player.

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Another big draw is that even though this is a fan-made mod, there a surprising amount of game here. Terminal 7 has about 9 levels to go through, and they”ve got some amount of exploration, just like Half-Life. Luigi can explore areas like the city or the pier, and sometimes, like in his apartment, he”ll actually give feedback and provide more to the game”s story. These small touches enhance the experience and give even more incentive to be thorough when playing.

Exploration in this game leads to secrets. Some of the secrets are lore related, like a picture in Luigi”s room that prompts the line “Mario says this is a picture of me, but I don”t believe him,” while others are silly things one can find like a pizza room where the pizza delivery song from the game Spider-Man 2 plays. This is very much a reward for exploration and is an excellent incentive to keep playing and exploring. It adds a whole new layer to the game, and the experience becomes even better for it.

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Terminal 7 is very much a game that took a simple joke and turned it into an entire experience. The game creates a mind-bending experience on what the world might look like through the eyes of someone suffering from severe terminal Brain cancer, and it ends up giving us a psychological game like none else. By the time everything comes together, players will likely be left absolutely stunned by the game and will have made a real case for itself, even if it”s just a mod. Luigi”s dark adventure through this game is one players should absolutely experience themselves.

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