Im Taurus Woman And Capricorn Man Experience, Im Taurus, He Is Capricorn

The Capricorns man can seem shy and conservative at first, but get to know him and you’ll discover a passionate and intense lover with a massive appetite for sex.

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The goat is down-to-earth and doesn’t need anything exotic or fancy to get him going. He can be insecure at first and is unlikely to take the initiative until he feels comfortable.

That’s not to say he can’t be persuaded to experiment a little. Love and sex go together for the goat – once he feels secure in the relationship you’ll find he can be a surprising and creative lover.

Blow his mind: The goat likes to feel he is loved before he can really let himself go. Run him a bath and give him a slow sensual massage. Once he begins to relax, you’ll discover he’s a very horny goat indeed.

His favorite position: Expect him to take the missionary position – at least for the first few times you have sex. For a new twist, slide him into the Soft Rock.

Capricorn Compatibility

A Capricorn’s best partner is a Taurus, for the two are as alike in spirit as two signs can get. Both are strong willed, intelligent, ambitious and frighteningly reliable. This is one couple who won’t ever be caught late to a dinner or missing appointments. Faithfulness will rarely be an issue, especially on part of the Capricorn, who embodies loyalty. The relationship is likely to be career oriented, with both partners equally invested in the other’s ambitions as well as their own. There will be a strong respect for the other’s abilities, but there will also be a tendency to lock horns (what do you expect from the signs of the goat and the bull?) And when they dig their heels, throw the watch out the window, because they can last past the measure of time. Virgos, the other fellow Earth sign, is another suitable partner for the goat. Virgos tend to offer the passion that a Capricorn can at times lack, and in return the Virgo will appreciate the reliability of the Capricorn, which is an important requirement for a typical Virgo-born. The only drawback here is that the Capricorn, though not usually prone to jealousy, will still not appreciate the Virgo’s knack for letting their eyes wander. But since both signs are usually immaculately faithful, such arguments will end amicably. Capricorns make good partners for themselves, in most ways, for they are perfectly content giving each other space, respecting one another’s boundaries, and enjoy the depth of intellect and knowledge that they can share. Such relationships are enviably stable. But depending on the ascendants, there can be a lack of passion and emotion, particularly since both signs don’t express as openly as they feel, leading to a lack of communication.

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Water signs are good matches for the Capricorn that needs a sensitive and emotional partner. Scorpios and Capricorns usually make great pairs, enjoying a camaraderie and depth of love that few couples achieve. But since both signs are powerful, and with Scorpio in particular being practically a fire sign, there will be strong ego clashes. The flamboyance and flair of the Scorpio can at times irritate the comparatively demure nature of the Capricorn, and when these two signs part ways, there will be no making up. Pisceans are very well suited to the Capricorn’s love of calmness in a partnership. A Piscean will generally be mild mannered, loving and deeply sensitive, playing a perfect partner to the quiet, loyal and thoughtful Capricorn. These relationships enjoy equanimity through their contrasting but complimentary natures. Cancerians make wonderful soul mates to the Capricorn. These two sings generally make great friends, for both crave loyalty first and foremost in a relationship and find this need met in each other. Capricorns have an eye for art and will make a good audience to the artistic Cancer, and be the supportive, stabilizing force that the crab desires. The Cancer in turn will provide the emotional, sensitive energy that the Capricorn needs to pursue their ambitions. If ever these relationships falter, it is because the at times free-spirited nature of the Cancerian won’t appease the oft hard-headed mentality of the Capricorn that desires order and rationality.

Sagittarians make strong partners for the Capricorn, as adjacent sun signs normally tend to. These couples make good friends and decent partners, owing to the fact that they are each independent personalities that won’t cling to each other. There is a level of trust and comfort that they embody upon each other, which will be awe-inspiring. But what stands in their way is an obvious lack of passion or emotion. Unless any water signs play a role as ascendants, this relationship will always lack a spark. When they speak on the phone or talk to one another in public, those around them will assume these two are friends or business partners, but not romantic partners. But nevertheless, a lot of couples can still make this work. Aries are very compatible with the Capricorn, for there is a mutual respect that is genuine and unforced. Aries provide the passion and emotion, while Capricorn lends the stability and practical voice necessary. If at all a problem arises, it will be because the Aries will find the goat a difficult partner to dominate, and there will invariably be a clash of wills that neither will win. Leos and Capricorns have a love-hate relationship that is unlikely to make for a long-lasting relationship. At times, these two signs get along great, but at others, there will be a strong clash of egos. Leos won’t appreciate the Capricorn’s tendency to undermine their power, while the goat in turn won’t care for the lion’s need for supremacy in what is supposed to be an equal partnership.

Air signs don’t generally make good partners for the Capricorn, but among them Aquarians gel best with the goat, mostly owing to their close proximity in the zodiac. Aquarians are spiritual and intelligent, which attracts the Capricorn that loves more with the mind than the heart. The Aquarian will generally dominate such relationships, but in a very passive, non-threatening way that won’t offend the Capricorn. This is likely to be a long-lasting relationship when it works, but when it doesn’t both partners will realize it early on. Libras tend to work well with most signs, and can make a relationship with Capricorn work. But problems will arise because of the volatile nature of the Libran, which will upset the Capricorn’s love for peace and quiet, and the Libran in turn will find their lack of effect on the Capricorn frustrating. Geminians make poor matches in general with the Capricorn, owing to the fact that the Gemini is just far too unpredictable for the practical Capricorn to deal with. Both signs are such polar opposites that a stable relationship is unlikely, unless positive ascendants play a helping hand.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Capricorn man Aries woman

I have an ex boyfriend who was a Capricorn man. I am an Aries woman. I can say that Capricorns are very nice. My ex thought me a lot of things; practicality, how to be an organized woman and how to slow down a little. It was great, but it was also like I am slowly loosing my flame.

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At first, it was a very nice experience. He was happy with me, I teach him how to appreciate adventure and he liked it.

But what sucks in our relationship is that he was so controlling. At first I just let him knowing that in time he will learn to understand that I DO need my freedom and that I can do things all by myself. BUT HE JUST WONT LET ME..

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