Taurus may 2015 horoscope

If you haven’t felt a tiny twinge of envy watching Kimye jet from New York to Paris in coordinated Givenchy, well, you’re more than likely not breapoint. Oh, the picture-perfect pair, so stylistically synced. That’s a vision your luxe-loving sign have the right to acquire dvery own via. And, with Venus cruising through your 3rd residence of soul twins from the 7th on, you might scout out a kindred heart that have the right to be your BFF, arm candy, and lover. Regardless of whether you’re in a casual dating case or you’re coupled up, Scorpio’s full moon on May 3 may up the exclusivity in a significant method. With the sun beaming through Taurus until the 21st, retaining your individuality will keep your relationships fresh. Enjoy some nights on the tvery own together, however burst out of the couple bubble and check out your solo interests, as well. You’ll go back to base teeming through brand-new thoughts and also stories to share, and also this makes you sindicate irresistible. Mars moves right into your secure second residence on the 11th, adhered to by the sun on the 21st. This brings you right into your aspect, Taurus, since you love consistency and a solid setup. By no suggests does that suppose you’ll be bored — or boring. Your second fifty percent of May will be mind-blowingly sensual. Create a sultrier setting at house. Aid your partner unwind by placing softer sheets on the bed, attaching a dimmer switch to your lights, and also queuing up a playlist of sluggish jams. Definitely not boring. Your Beauty Forecast: A Sulattempt, Rocker Look

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To gain the look, define your brows by including shape through a pencil and brushing upward through a gel. Apply a light-gray cream shadow almost everywhere the eyelid, via the crease, and under the lower lashline. Layer a slate-green shadow on optimal. Then, line the upper and also reduced lashlines via a babsence kajal pencil, smudging it out through a level nylon brush. Finally, push a bronze shadow onto just the center of your lid for a lived-in end up. Complete the look with a deep rose-colored lip balm.

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All commodities by Revlon. PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, $12.99; Photoall set Airbrush Effect Foundation, $13.99; ColorStay Concealer, $9.99; PhotoReady Powder, $12.99; Brow Fantasy in Dark Brvery own, $7.39; Illuminance Creme Shadows in Precious Metals, $6.49; ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow in Surreal; PhotoReady Kajal Matte Pencil in Matte Coal, $8.99; ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Coy, $8.99. Highlighting Palette in Desert Bronze. Photographed by Justin Borbely; Illustrated by Sydney Hass; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Makeup by Ashleigh B Ciucci; Hair by Adam Maclay; Manicure by Maki Sakamoto; Set design by Kate Landucci; Modeled by Terra Grantham for Elite; Model wearing Zimmermale top.

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