Stick up sage the gemini

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Hands up, male dvery own, we ain't playin' roundHands up, man down, we ain't playin' roundHuh, hands up in the air boy freezeEveryone drop to yo kneesListen up extremely closelyPlease no false move, reason I promise I'll squeezeThis is now property of Double GTell me who 'round below been hatin' on meCausage boy I'm the sickest to ever execute itDue to the fact that they came with the fluidI believed you knew itWho the fuck is foolin'I got 'em droolin'I'm gettin' money prefer I'm JewishThese boys pussy got estrogen in your fluidsAny problem aincrease, favor new edition, I cool itThe game adjusted, no brains, I'm insaneNo lames In my gang, can't hang wright here I hangAnd you knowin' that I'm via itYeah, you knowin' imma' finishOn the range and I'm whippin'First I prepare it then I flip it
Who the fuck shelp I ain't gon' pull up?Who the fuck sassist this ain't no stick up?Hands up, man dvery own, we ain't playin' round hereHands up, guy down, we ain't playin' round hereI pull up and also let go, prefer I'm indecisiveAll black, Batguy and they robbin', I don't even require a sidekickYou know who you say you isI have the right to tell you don't know who you playin' wit'The type to skin a nigga challenge on the elevatorPress the top floor, here I'm giving out challenge liftsNo middle male, break-up a guy down the middleNiggas think I'm joking 'til I offer that ass a riddleSexactly how up on your TV with two swivels in my dibblesIf you don't obtain any time, imma' mu'fukin kill 'emStart roasting niggas, for running with pigsSexactly how up to your funeral like yeah look what I didProud of myself, don't fuck via the quite kidI took it there, you took me thereLike that as soon as on my ideaWho the fuck sassist I ain't gon' pull up?Who the fuck sassist this ain't no stick up?Hands up, male down, we ain't playin' round hereHands up, man dvery own, we ain't playin' round here

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