Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

The Providence Regional Cancer Partnership (PRCP) is a unique collaboration of four premiere provider organizations in one cancer center to provide a seamless integrated approach to cancer care in the center-north Puget Sound region. The PRCP includes Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, The Everett Clinic, Western Washington Medical Group, and Northwest Washington Radiation Oncology Associates. The PRCP Cancer Program has been accredited as part of Providence by ACoS as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program since 1978. The PRCP opened in June, 2007. The PRCP Cancer Program includes a comprehensive array of inpatient and outpatient surgical, medical and radiation oncology services. In addition, the PRCP has innovative programs in Integrative Medicine and Psychosocial Support. Four multidisciplinary cancer care conferences per week allow the majority of new cancer cases to be presented for pre-treatment planning. The Cancer Research Program offers research participation to cancer patients in excess of the national average rate. The PRCP cancer center facility was designed by architects and interior designers with expertise in cancer center design. It thus offers a physical space that is healing and soothing as well as replete with state of the art technology. As you review the services available, many of the referred services are physically located within the Cancer Partnership facility.

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Contact Info


1717 13th Street Everett, WA 98201 United States

Phone (425) 297-5500


Available Services

Diagnostic Imaging Radiation Oncology Services Systemic Therapy Services Clinical Trial Information Available to Patients Psychosocial and Supportive Services Support Groups Rehabilitation Services Surgical Procedures Education Programs Healthy Lifestyle Programs Screening and Early Detection Programs American Cancer Society Services Nutrition Services

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Radiography for Mammography Fluorescence Bronchoscopy Mammography Magnetic Resonance (MR) Mammography Ultrasound Angiography Computerized Axial Tomography Scan (CT) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Nuclear Medicine Positron Emission Tomography Scan (PET) Stereotactic Guided Biopsy Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) (by referral) Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) (by referral) Echocardiography Mediastinoscopy Bronchoscopy

Radiation Oncology Services

Brachytherapy – High Dose Rate (HDR) Electron Beam External Beam Radiation Therapy Radiosurgery to treat brain tumors Robotic radiosurgery system Hyperthermia Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Proton Beam (by referral) 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy Brachytherapy – Low Dose Rate (LDR) Computerized Treatment Planning HDR Radiation Therapy System Linear Accelerator Systemic Radioisotopes Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT)

Systemic Therapy Services

Infusion Center with Chemotherapy Photodynamic Therapy Bone Marrow Transplant (by referral) Chemoembolization Hormone Therapy Plasmapheresis (by referral) Stem Cell Transplant (by referral) TheraSphere/SIR-Sphere (by referral) Unsealed Source Radiotherapy (by referral)

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Clinical Trial Information Available to Patients

Patient library Brochures/Pamphlets Internet Access Patient information packets Research Coordinator/Nurse

Psychosocial and Supportive Services

Caregiver and Family Counseling Case Management and/or Patient Navigation Child Life Program (by referral) Community Resource Coordination (e.g. transportation, financial resources) Hospice (by referral) Lodging Assistance Patient Resource Center or Library Pastoral Care Pet Therapy (by referral) Psycho-Education to Enhance Coping Skills Adjustment to Illness Counseling Advanced Care Planning Art Therapy Bio-Psychosocial Assessment Complementary Medicine Program Facilitation of Patient/Family, Provider Communication Fertility Counseling (by referral) Home Care Program (by referral) Inpatient Psychiatric Consult (by referral) Mental Health Counseling Music Therapy (by referral) Outpatient Psychiatric Care (by referral) Pain and Palliative Care Program Sexuality Counseling Support and Education Related to Parenting through Cancer Survivorship Program Wellness Program

Support Groups

Caregiver Support Group (by referral) Family/Children Support Group (by referral) General Cancer Support Group Loss/Bereavement Support Group (by referral) Young Adult Support Group (by referral) Lung Cancer Support Group (by referral) Prostate Cancer Support Group Transplant Support Group (by referral) Breast Cancer Support Group Colorectal Cancer Support Group (by referral) Other Site-Specific Support Group

Rehabilitation Services

Lymphedema Program (by referral) Exercise Therapy Prosthetic Services Speech and language pathology Stomal Services/Wound Care Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy

Surgical Procedures

Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration Limb Perfusion Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (by referral) Robotic Assisted Procedures Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (by referral) Cryosurgery Microwave Ablation Catheter based Partial Breast Irradiation (ex: Mammosite) Minimally Invasive Surgery Radiofrequency Ablation Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Education Programs

Breast Cervix (by referral) Colorectal Lung Prostate (by referral) Skin General Cancer

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Nutritional Dietary Education Program Smoking Cessation Program Skin Cancer Awareness Program Exercise Program Weight Control Program

Screening and Early Detection Programs

Mammography Pap Test Fecal Occult Blood Test (by referral) Oral Exam (by referral) PSA Blood Test (by referral) Skin Exam Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (by referral) Colonoscopy (by referral) Reduced Cost Mammography Testes Exam (by referral) Digital Mammography Breast MRI Risk Assessment for Breast Cancer Reduced Cost Cervical Cancer Testing (by referral) Cervical Cancer Testing Liquid-based Pap Test Endometrial Biopsy Colorectal Screening (by referral) CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy) (by referral) Double-Contrast Barium Enema (by referral) Fecal Immunochemical Test (by referral) Stool DNA (by referral) Prostate Screening (by referral) Digital Rectal Exam (by referral) Thyroid Exam (by referral) Lymph Node Exam (by referral) Ovarian Cancer Screening (by referral) Clinical Breast Exam Human Papilloma Virus Test

American Cancer Society Services

Transportation Services Cancer Resource Center Hope Lodge (by referral) I Can Cope (by referral) Lodging Services Look Good… Feel Better Patient Navigator Program Reach to Recovery – Breast Cancer (by referral) Road to Recovery

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Nutrition Services

Screenings or assessments for nutrition-related concerns Nutritional counseling and education

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