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An Aquarius male you sassist huh? Are you all set for a series of jolts?

To wade bravely smack dab into the center of the difficulty, don’t suppose an Aquarian male to behave actually the way world in love are intended to behave. If you do, you’re in for rather a jolt, perhaps also a collection of jolts. When it concerns friendship, he’s all you could ask for in a pal or a confidant. Love? Well, as an Aquarian I as soon as knew said, “Anybody have the right to have actually a girl. But love is somepoint else aacquire.” That was an astute observation. It’s “something else,” all ideal, via Aquarians.

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It’s as soon as he acts as though he doesn’t choose you that he’s cshed to being hooked, and also the reason is elementary- simple logic. The Aquarian water bearer likes everybody. Everyone is his friend. He’ll even refer to his worst foe as “my friend.” So it suggests somepoint as soon as he claims he doesn’t like someone. Just what it means might take some study. The assorted nuances have the right to be facility.

An Aquarius man doesn’t desire to disclose his true feelings, in spite of his favorite pastime of penetrating the feelings of others. His own reactions and motives are complex, and he inhas a tendency to save them that method for the pure pleasure of fooling you. Many stselection experiences will involved this man, with both love and friendship, and also he’ll scrutinize each one avidly.

Ronald Reagan, Aquarius, born February 6, was the 40th President of the USA. Prior to his presidency, he offered as the 33rd Governor of California, and also was a radio, film and also television actor.

Until you acquire him to the altar, you’re simply another experience, another experiment, difficult as that may be to take. Don’t sniffle. He deserve to be tricked, for all his caution. But prior to you start tricking him, you’d much better try to understand also exactly how to cope via his distinctive outlook about human being.

He’s a team male, and teamwork comes normally to him

He’s a team male, and also cooperation comes naturally to him. Aquarius understands the fair play rules of sports as if he had designed them, and also he carries these rules right into his individual relationships. His interests are scattered almost everywhere the area. That’s bereason his love of civilization is so impersonal; he offers a particular worth to everyone he meets, while the rest of us save such initiatives for just the exceptionally one-of-a-kind human being in our lives. To an Aquarian, everyone is special. And I suppose everyone. Even those he hasn’t met yet. Few Uranus men are either selfish or petty. When he does present those qualities, a gentle reminder that he’s being narrow-minded will bring him around. Aquarians just can’t stand to be called narrow-minded.

He responds to untypically high ideals, many thanks to his rigid moral code (though you’d better understand that it’s his very own code, which might not necessarily reflect or correspond to the one accepted by culture in general). He’ll virtually surely lead a life of adjust, conflict and also unintended occasions. Yet tright here will certainly regularly be moments of perfect tranquility via him, difficult to discover through any type of various other Sun sign. Once he’s over the shock that he’s permitted himself to become interested in one womale above every one of mantype, he deserve to be a very considerate lover. The peril area is before he’s over the shock. Since he’s so accustomed to neglecting his very own troubles in the interemainder of the majority, hopecompletely some of this attitude will certainly rub off on his love life. Don’t count on it, though. The possibilities are just as excellent that he’ll unexpectedly realize he’s devoting his finish loyalty to you once tright here are all those various other namemuch less deals with out tbelow who need him. Then he may lean over backwards to prove to himself that he hasn’t lost his love for his friends and the rest of humankind by being attached to simply one perboy.

The Aquarius guy is forever before analyzing

Forever before analyzing, the Aquarius man will certainly frequently ask himself, “I wonder what she intended by that?” He won’t remainder until he finds out either. A puzzle drives him sindicate wild and also don’t be fooled by his nonchalance. When he senses something is surprise, he simply won’t sleep at night till he’s unraveled the mystery and penetrated the veil. There’s constantly the opportunity that he might be disappointed in what he finds, so make certain it’s worth finding out. If it isn’t, he’ll have actually no qualms around making it painfully evident-and also off he’ll go to unravel a brand-new veil.

The girl who desires to land him eventually has first to intrigue him. An open book will certainly never pique his curiosity.

He’s attracted to closed peras, the even more tightly closed, the better to arouse his

detective instinct. When a female either ignores him or keeps her own counsel, in the beginning at least, his eyes will certainly open” a small wider and he’ll get an alert expression, amazingly choose that of a bloodhound on the scent of something absent.

Ashton Kutcher, Actor | Model, Brn 7th FebWhy is she so emotional? (You have the right to be emotional, you see, as long as you don’t define why.)Is she really so changeable or is it an act?Why does she wear all that perfume and make-up and such low-cut dresses, and then acquire insulted once those Leos and also Sagittarians and also Scorpios whistle at her in front of the drugstore?Does she desire male advancements or doesn’t she?Is she a puritan or promiscuous?What makes her tick?

As he probes and inquiries and also examines, the girl is at first flattered, naturally-but once she sees he’s just as intently curious around the waitress that just served them (not to point out the bus boy), she starts to cool somewhat. Feeling like a bug trapped under a scientist’s cold eye isn’t exactly calculated to reason the heart to flutter in any type of feminine bosom. So she lastly drifts (or runs) away to an extra fiery or earthy male, and also the Aquarian sadly sighs for an prompt or 2 before he starts his next romantic investigation. (If some new innovation or distinct idea hasn’t aroused his interest first. In which instance the following female research task should wait.)

 Aquarian guys won’t tolerate an ounce of opportunism from a female

Aquarian guys can be touchingly gentle and also docile, however you’d better tie a bright blue electrical string around your finger to remind you that his surface calmness is a mirage. So is his obvious pliability. He won’t toleprice an ounce of opportunism from a female. If he thinks he’s being exploited, that unpredictable Uranian cdamage have the right to vanish so conveniently you’ll think Cary Grant has actually turned right into James Cagney, poised to throw a grapefruit-fifty percent in your challenge. The frightening thing is that a very upcollection Aquarian is perfectly capable of such shocking activity. What’s also even more frightening is that you might forprovide him. Don’t. At least, not even more than when. He admires a woguy that holds her ground, if she’s not as well masculine about it, and if she lets him fly hither and yon, unencumbered by mushy assures and tearful accusations. As for that grapefruit, it’s only fair to suggest out that Aquarians are usually the majority of gallant via the fair sex. But sometimes they can forobtain to distinguish between the sexes in the throes of excitement.

Couple that via the Uranus unpredictability, and also it does add as much as a possible squirt of grapefruit juice in the eye.

Francis Bacon, Aquarian, Born 22 January, 1st Viscount St. Alban, QC, was an English philosopher, statesmale, scientist, jurist, orator, essayist, and writer. He offered both as Attorney General and also Lord Chancellor of England.

He’s certain to be honored via some type of recognition!


There’s constantly a terrific opportunity that an Aquarian will certainly attain some type of prestige in the time of his lifetime. If it’s only a trophy for sticksphere or a brass plaque for being the tallest man in Succatosh County he’s sure to be honored through some sort of recognition. It could be something as splendid as winning the Nobel Prize. Lots of Aquarians achieve such distinctions. (On the various other hand also, a big portion of disturbed Aquarians are weekly visitors to a head shrinker. It might be sort of tricky to tell the distinction. )

 Aquarius males have a fetish for cleanliness

Some Uranus-ruled men have a fetish for cleanliness. You may bump into one that shrieks if anyone uses his towel or breathes on his oatmeal. Back of this is an virtually neurotic are afraid of germs and also illness. The Aquarian isn’t over letting his phoprejudice trail over into his romantic life, once they deserve to serve a purpose, though he might perform so unconsciously. Don’t be surprised if he comlevels that he’s allergic to your eye shadow and it renders him sneeze. Uranians have a means of occurring allergies to things they’d rather prevent, and also they have the right to even fool the medical professionals, let alone innocent, unsuspecting girls.

Such men are not the form to woo you through extravagant gestures!

He’s not the form to woo you via extravagant gestures. He’s as most likely to pull up a dandelion and also toss it at you as lug you an orchid. To be hocolony, even more likely. He won’t current you via mink coats and diamonds. But life via him deserve to still be glamorous, also without the mink. There’s the famous story around Helen Hayes and her husband, Charles MacArthur. When they first met, he handed her a bowl of peanuts and also sassist, “I wish they were emeralds.” Many years and also many dollars later, he offered her a cluster of glittering emeralds with the renote, “I wish they were peanuts.” I don’t understand if MacArthur was an Aquarian, but Uranus was certainly significant in his natal chart. That’s specifically the kind of unmeant glory you’ll understand with an Aquarian lover. Who needs mink?

Aquarians don’t require to marital relationship prefer a baby takes to candy

Now let’s confront the worst reality courageously. No flinching or wishful reasoning. Here it is. Unprefer Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and also Libra, Aquarians don’t take to marriage favor a baby takes to candy. To be truthful, many of them avoid it as lengthy as it’s humanly possible. A rare Aquarian male will certainly be enticed right into a shower of shoes and rice at an early age, however it doesn’t take place often enough for the statistics to be encouraging. The way the impasse generally starts is that the Aquarian renders beautiful, wonderful, glorious friendship the basis of the love. (Easier to slide amethod from later on, my dear.) They select a girl who’s also a chum, and also that have the right to store up via the Aquarian interests, consisting of Micessential Mantle’s batting average, crossword puzzles, Arabian equines, fireflies on the Mississippi and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Why? That’s basic. With so a lot to talk around, there’s much less time for lovemaking, which deserve to gain him seriously affiliated and also committed. His right is the female who is his friend, and also that doesn’t make heavy emotional requirements on him. Wbelow carry out we go from here? Nowhere, usually.

He’ll stop the worry of marital relationship with eextremely excusage in the book

Aquarian males discover it challenging to relax in physical expressions of love. That initially goodnight kiss might be a lengthy time materializing. Admittedly, it’s regularly well worth waiting for, and the suspense renders it also more distinct. But he’ll cling to the illusion that he’s involved in a nice, safe platonic friendship lengthy after such a palsy-walsy partnership has actually become impossible for you.

Even after he’s mustered the courage to say “I love you,” he’ll prevent the worry of marital relationship via every excusage in the book. When those run out, he have the right to think up some pretty imagiindigenous brand-new ones. He’ll patiently explain that he can’t assistance you in the manner you deserve, his paleas need him at home, or he’s not excellent sufficient for you.

If that doesn’t work-related, he’ll case that the future is as well unspecific, what through the threats of nuclear devastation and all. What if his boss sends him to Alaska next year? You might die of pneumonia up tright here, and he would be grief-stricken the remainder of his life. You think he can’t height that? One Aquarian male I know was involved for twelve years to a girl he wouldn’t marry bereason “she would need to sacrifice an excellent career on Broadway.” The reality that the girl had actually never collection foot on a phase in her life was beside the point. He believed she had actually talent. Someday, a producer can just

uncover her. Then how would she feel if he had actually organized her back by marrying her? Worse yet, just how would he feel? Guilty. Just simple selfish and also guilty. It’s not surpclimbing that this negative female lastly escaped to a much more positive rival.

Most Aquarians wed late..yet they do inevitably wed-usually

But all is not shed. Though it’s true that the majority of Aquarians wed late, they do ultimately wed-generally. It generally happens after the last bachelor friend has actually cruised amethod to a Bermuda honeymoon, and the Aquarian wakes approximately realize that here is an enigma various other people have fixed that he hasn’t also investigated. Naturally, he can’t stand that, so pop goes the proposal! Suddenly, of course.- Uranus, you understand.

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In the early on stperiods, you may think he requirements a lesboy and decide to let him think he’s shed you to an extra aggressive suitor. Let me warn you that you’re most likely to stay lost. Your broken-hearted Uranian is not almost as apt to come charging after you through the fire of possession in his eye as he is to melted a couple of quiet tears and say, “Well, I guess the best man won.” He’ll resign himself to a life without you via insulting ease. He’s also liable to ask the unbearable question, “Can’t we still be friends?” If you say no emphatically, he’ll most likely simply shrug dejectedly and progressively walk amethod. If you say yes-well, you’re ideal back where you started-friends.

Abraham Lincoln – American President, Born – 12th Feb

Jealousy isn’t his cup of eggnog..he is a trusting lamb!

He’ll trust you until you show him you can’t be trusted. Not bereason he’s trusting by nature, but bereason his analytical dissection has actually currently satisfied him about your character. Unmuch less there are noted afflictions in his natal chart, he’s not qualified of unestablished suspicion and also possessiveness. If he does have a rare stab of jealousy, you’ll never before know it if he deserve to help it. He will certainly hardly ever, if ever before, be physically unfaithful himself, mostly because the totality topic of sex, though it’s exciting, doesn’t consume him. An occasional Aquarian might spend a great deal of time vigorously pondering sex, but if you know among these, you can safely assume there’s a hefty Scorpio influence in his natal chart. (And possibilities are also this type won’t seek it actively and openly.)

Once an Aquarian has actually liked a mate, he figures he have the right to concentprice on more essential points. He deserve to relax and investigate the boy-girl or man-woguy partnership at his very own leisure in his own personal laboratory (which isn’t a bad opportunity for its ultimate opportunity of success when you soptimal to think around it).

The Aquarius guy will constantly let his heart break silently

Uranian sex is component of a bigger image or ideal. Should a temptation to engage in illicit romance aincrease (illicit in his eyes, that is), he’ll generally finish the affair abruptly, though it may hurt him deeply, quite than continue what he considers to be a dishoswarm partnership. The situation that made him feel -guilty could be practically anything, from the disapproval of your parental fees or conflicting religious beliefs to an old boy friend not entirely discarded, a promise he made to himself at the age of eight, or somepoint he once check out in a book. But whatever it is, it will certainly somehow have to be adjusted and also refixed prior to he’ll ever before rebrand-new the closeness, also if the love is as fated as that of Victoria and Albert. The Aquarian will constantly let his heart break silently, lest his friends hear and ask concerns.

He’s capable of waiting till he’s ninety to case you, also if you feel that’s a bit

lengthy to wait for consummation. The worst of it is that he’ll never before offer a reason for the break. That’s for him to understand and also you to discover out. He’ll perversely let you think it was just a fantasy from the beginning, and also host ago the actual fact that it was actual for some hazy future day of forgiveness and also reconciliation. It have the right to be pretty cruel, however that’s the method he plays the game.

Your just comfort is the expertise that he’s suffering in his very own method, too. How will certainly you know that? Read “How to Recognize Aquarius” aacquire. He has his subtle methods of telegraphing his feelings, and also they can be enormously frustrating-especially when his distinctive, personal interaction signals a green go light while he publicly keeps holding out a red sheight light till he’s prepared to switch.

An Aquarius male deserve to arouse a heap of possessiveness in you

 Putting the shoe on the various other foot, an Aquarian can arousage a heap of possessiveness in you when the tables are turned. Don’t let it throw you off balance. Thanks to the everlasting Uranus proclivity for friendship, whenever before and wherever before he finds it, there might be times as soon as you won’t recognize wright here he is, even after you’re married and you have to. Just tell yourself that, no matter just how late he sits up via a frifinish, it’s just his normal curiosity at work-related, his never-ending interemainder in people. If the frifinish is a woman, pretfinish you didn’t alert. In all honesty, he a lot of most likely didn’t. You can intend the fact when you ask him a straight question. But if you doubt him and ask aobtain, he’ll number you don’t want the truth. To punish you, he’ll comprise the wildest story he can dream up (and he deserve to dream up some pretty wild ones). You might regret your suspicions once you spfinish a few hrs in abject misery wondering if he really did tell that redhead she was gorgeous. (That’s after he told you he didn’t also remember talking to her and also you said, “Ha! I just bet you don’t remember.”) He honestly didn’t, however you asked for details, so he gladly obliged through some pucount imaginary ones to teach you a leskid. You’ll learn rapid.

Norguy Perceval Rockwell, Aquarian, born February 3, was a 20th-century Amerideserve to painter and also illustrator. His works enjoy a wide popular appeal in the United States for their reflection of American culture.

Don’t be hurt once he’s in one of his solitary moods


Don’t be hurt as soon as he’s in among his solitary moods and pdescribes be alone with his silent dreams. He’ll go back to share them via you, all the more warmth and tender for his spiroutine retreat and anypoint that warms him up should definitely be motivated.

He may not be the finest breadwinner approximately, however he’s qualified of inventing somepoint valuable to the people or being the first guy to land on Mars. He’ll feel right at residence there, also. There’s always a surpincrease simply around the comer through an Aquarian husband, even as soon as the budobtain is shaky. Naturally, there are a couple of Uranian males that are affluent, also millionaires, but a high income bracket is hardly ever a burning ambition.

All the wealthy Aquarians you check out most likely stumbled on it. It’s particular they didn’t greedily grasp for it. If he has actually a fat financial institution book, the opportunities are it acquired weight while he was attempting to boost some product or principle for the excellent of humanity in general-or he’s conserved it to assistance his eccentric old age. Who knows? He can want to take a trip in a time machine at some point, and also he wants to be certain to have actually the fare. Many of the moment he’ll be reasonable about money, but conserve once you can, and don’t run up charge accounts. He’ll never recoup from sheer extravagance on your part. Sometimes he have the right to surpincrease you with a burst of generosity, yet he won’t go overboard, unmuch less he has actually an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Pisces ascendant. Even then, he won’t be a big butter and egg man.

The children will certainly uncover him the best listener on the block

The youngsters will uncover him the greatest listener on the block. He’ll be fascinated at the perfect breath control of the wolf as soon as he blew dvery own the three little pigs’ pad- and curious around just how the old witch pickled the poisoned apple that put the whammy on Scurrently White. A little boy’s trouble learning how to strike a residence run and also a tiny girl’s tears over a broken doll are simply the troubles of a pair of pals in trouble to an Aquarian father. He’s a whiz at complex arithmetic concerns, as well.

PS – Don’t ever make him feel neglected!

Don’t let your career make you disregard to feed him or sew on his butlots. Don’t encourage your girl friends to camp on his couch or tie up the telephone for hours, and also don’t acquire engrossed in TV or a novel once he desires you to discover his old soft round in the attic or pull a splinter out of his finger. He married you for numerous reasons. Though romance might play its component, the the majority of necessary reason was to have actually you around-so he would constantly have someone to mash his baked potato, cross-stitch his buttonholes, discover his lost write-ups and operate on an occasional splinter.

He won’t cotton to your letting tv, reading or female chums interfere with those duties. His principle of a good wife and also mom is fairly simple: a woman that keeps at it practically constantly. Even the even more liberal Aquarian husbands will certainly frvery own on a glamorous gadabout. But you won’t mind it too much. He’s so full of interesting surprises himself you won’t require soap operas, women’s magazines and tete-a-tetes through girl friends to save your mind and emotions tested. (He might be about all the obstacle you deserve to take.) You can constantly catch up on the female gossip and such when he’s engrossed in some new job and gets a tiny absent-minded about what you’re doing. But simply be sure to be tbelow when he has a sore finger, because he deserve to be a real sorehead once he’s neglected.

BobMarley OM, Aquarius, born February 6, was a Jamaihave the right to reggae singer-songwriter and guitarist that achieved international fame and accase.

The Aquarian will never before forgain his initially love

Strangely, since he’s so realistic around many things, the Aquarian will never before foracquire his initially love. (Not the first day, yet the initially girl that ever before provided him a rainbow. There’s a distinction.) Uranians typically marry childhood sweethearts years later, or cling to a faded illusion. An Aquarian deserve to commonly explain his initially love in information, which can be annoying to a wife. The solution is to be that first love. You might have to wait a long time to wear ovariety blossoms, but at least you won’t be reput by a gorganize.

Who else can rotate peanuts into emeralds or vice versa, never before mind a little grapefruit juice in the eye?

In spite of his basic romantic clumsiness, he deserve to come up through sudden phrases which can just have been developed by the angels.

He can forobtain your wedding anniversary, but he’ll carry you vioallows in January. Christmas?

Who says it has to be on December 25th? It have the right to be any type of time you want it to be.

He may go for days or weeks or months without a single word of romance or affection. Then some morning while you’re slicing his blueberry pie, he’ll look deep right into your eyes and also ask gently, “Do you know just how beautiful you are?” There will be somepoint around the means he says it that will make your knees weak.

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Jingle bells on the seashore, birthdays at dawn. Valentine’s Day on Halloween, rainbows at midnight. Pin a red heart on an orange pumpkin, roll Easter eggs in the snow, light the candles on the cake on optimal of a ferris wheel- you’re in love through an Aquarian, didn’t you know? I wish you a Frank Merriwell ending. But be mindful. You can gain lost out tright here in Wonderland also.

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