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Are you looking to join the paddle boarding craze, however not certain which one to choose? Whether you’re looking to obtain fit, pick up a brand-new task, or just want to trade in your old board, picking the best paddle board have the right to be a difficult task.

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Having grown in popularity a lot over the previous few years, paddle boarding is now one of the most famous watersporting activities roughly. Great for core fitness, enjoying a sunny day out on the water, or having actually fun through friends, there’s a factor why so many type of people have actually picked up this hobby over current years.

Sure, you can just grab a canoe and also live your dream that way, however paddle boards are a lot even more convenient and also versatile; And who’s to say you have the right to just own one form of watercraft anyways? Paddle boarding is considered to be the gold standard in the watersporting activities human being these days, through everybody from yoga enthusiasts to race loving speedsters gaining in on the paddle boarding activity.

In the last decade or so, paddle boarding has become one of the hottest water sporting activities for even the the majority of inexperienced of water sports enthusiasts to attempt. Far more gentle and much less intimidating than surfing, paddle boarding is an excellent way to discover seas, rivers, or lakes, while, if your balance is great sufficient, continuing to be totally dry! Paddle boards are additionally very popular because of the relaxing nature of the activity, via the pace tending to be sluggish and also gentle, yet you still gain a complete body workout.

But, are all paddle boards developed the same? Not even cshed. When you take right into account things like length, product, weight, and design, also small changes from one board to another can make a large difference once you’re out on the water.

So, we’re going to give you all the info you should make a smart buying choice. Below we are going to take a look at nine of the best stand up paddle boards of 2019, so you have the right to decide which board you like. Whether you are brand-new to paddle boarding, or you are simply looking to upgrade your existing board, you are certain to uncover a board you love below.

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How to Choose the Best Paddle Boards for Your Needs

Paddle boards, a lot like world, come in all shapes and also sizes. While the fundamental comprise is the very same, tbelow are a number of different variations among paddle boards. Each of these variants has a substantial affect on the flexibility and also usability of the board. Tbelow are tough paddle boards and inflatable ones, planing hulls and displacement hulls, different fin lengths and also placements, and also various board lengths, widths and thicknesses. There are even paddle boards that deserve to be converted into sit-on kayaks! Talk about a large variety!

If you’re feeling a small shed right here, attempt not to problem, we’ll aid you get sorted out. Choosing a paddle board deserve to seem favor an extremely daunting task when you’re just starting out, especially if you are entirely new to the human being of water sporting activities. A good location for someone who is just founding to dip their toe into paddle boarding to start is to go rent a paddle board and also get a feel for exactly how it is. Once you’ve gone out on the water a dozen times, you’ll have a much better principle of what form of board you’re in search of, and also what you need or don’t require in a board. Also, you’ll be able to meet human being that are reasonably well versed on the products they rent, a lot of of them also own a board – or three – and can help you find the board for your demands.

What Will You Use the Paddle Board For?

When it comes to paddle boarding, what works well for one perkid might not job-related as great for the next, as it is a sport that is totally based on intake and also preferences of the individual. Figuring this out before you make a purchase quite than after the fact will assist you avoid disappointment as well as wasting your hard-earned cash on a paddle board that just isn’t cutting it for you.

When you are looking at paddle boards to buy, it’s essential to take right into consideration specifically what you arrangement on using it for, as some paddle boards are better for one thing over an additional. For instance, the much longer more lightweight paddle boards are mostly made for racing. If a beginner were to try to usage one of the racing style paddle boards, they would certainly more than likely uncover themselves feeling quite off-balance and likely feel like the paddle board has a mind of its very own due to it being so lightweight. Lightweight boards gain tossed roughly much much easier in the water and also may probably offer users much less manage as the water will certainly have a more powerful pull versus a lighter board.

Paddle boards are made out of a selection of products, through much faster boards, more suited to racing, generally made out of fibreglass or carbon fiber, comparable to a surfboard. Traditional paddle boards have the right to be made of hollow lumber or foam, and more recent variations are utilizing epoxy for its raised durcapacity.

People are regularly surprised to uncover that paddle boards are a lot larger than the average surfboard, and some are even made to fit multiple people, coolers, pets,and so on The smaller boards sit at around 8ft in length, via it not being unexplained for larger racing-style boards to exceed 20ft. Naturally the longer the board, the harder it may be to maneuver, so longer boards are generally only recommfinished for intermediate to progressed paddle boarders.

There are many factors why paddle boarding has end up being so popular in the last decade, of course, one of the vital factors being the boom in the health and wellness and also fitness sector, mostly being propelled by Instagram stars and Youtube beauty gurus. However before, paddle boarding additionally appeals to many kind of bereason of both its affordcapacity and adaptability. Paddle boards can be used on many forms of water, are light-weight for basic transport, and are much cheaper than other water-move choices. Unprefer surfing, paddle boarding likewise has actually an exceptionally quick learning curve, through many type of obtaining their balance after a short amount of time, making it a good choice for those that simply desire to check out their regional waters.

When you’re looking to buy a paddle board, there are numerous components that you will certainly desire to think about before buying. Below we are going to go over some common aspects of paddle boards and also the distinctions in between them to assist you make an increated alternative about which board you want to buy. This will certainly help ensure that your initially, or your next paddle board experience, is a pleasant one.

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What Materials are Paddleboards Made of?

Paddle boards these days are commonly made out of glass-reinforced plastic, broadened polystyrene, polyurethane and also epoxy resins. However, some service providers execute still produce hollow timber board constructions. High performance or race paddle boards are generally made from carbon fiber or fibreglass, as they are much lighter materials than most of the materials provided for non-racing paddle boards. The product that provides up your paddle board will certainly essentially be a deciding factor in your paddle boarding suffer. Materials additionally add to the life span of your paddle board, and also if it is made with top quality, well-constructed materials, it will stand also up better to consistent usage and also daily wear and tear.

Different Paddle Board Lengths and also Widths and also Why They are Important

Paddle boards come in a variety of lengths ranging from as short as 8 feet all the means approximately a whopping 20 feet! The length you will need for your paddle board depends mostly on what you intend to use it for, as well as your skill level as soon as it comes to paddle boarding. The factor that your skill level comes right into play is that the size and also width of your paddle board will basically decide just how easy it is to balance on.

If you are brand-new to paddle boarding possibilities are you haven’t yet occurred and fine-tuned your balance via regards to standing on a floating board while the water moves you roughly. Many kind of civilization underestimate how challenging this can be. Generally speaking, wider boards are a lot easier to balance on than thinner ones bereason they are much more stable because they have a broader contact base through the water. Conveniently, bigger boards are simpler to perform paddle board yoga on too, which is just rad.

Hull Type

The kind of hull your paddle board has actually will certainly impact it’s maneuverability in its entirety. Tright here are 2 forms of hulls, planing hulls and also displacement hulls. Planing hulls are designed to simply sit on peak of the water and also glide across the surface much prefer a surfboard, whereas the displacement hulls are more boat-favor in nature and are designed to slice via the water and also ‘displace it.‘ Usually, a board via a planing hull is regarded as being better for the beginner paddle boarder bereason they are a bit more stable and don’t have actually a lot resistance to them while you’re out on the water.


So many kind of human being underestimate the importance of weight and how it relates to your paddle boarding endure. Think of it this way, you need to lug the paddle board, and you have to propel it with the water via your very own weight on it, so you want your paddle boards to be as light as feasible, right? Think aget.

While having actually a light paddle board is really nice once you’re on land also and also having actually to lug it, once you gain into the water, you might desire somepoint via a tiny little of oomph to keep you from landing in the exceptionally waters you are trying to glide across. Lighter boards are thrvery own around a little less complicated by the water, but if your board is as well hefty, it’s going to be a pain to paddle and keep manage of. So, the appropriate weight for you is mainly going to depend on just how great your balance and also just how hard you desire to make it on yourself.

If you’re looking to use it for more of a sport and exercise function, you’ll desire to opt for a lighter board. However before, if you setup on taking leisurely strolls out on the water and also desire a board more for the relaxation and fun elements, a heavier board is great.

Volume and also Weight Capacity

The volume – or buoyancy – of your paddle board is type of a large deal if you want to continue to be on optimal of the water, fairly than in it. Same goes for weight capacity. While a lot of boards offer even more than enough float for whatever sized boat you may be boasting, it’s vital to make absolutely sure that your potential purchase will carry you with. Here is a formula to aid you calculate what volume you should consider for your paddle board based upon your body weight:

Hard paddle board volume:

Multiply your body weight by 1 then by 1.2 (Example: 155 lbs. x 1 = 155L x 1.2 = 186L)

Inflatable paddle board volume:

Multiply your body weight by 1 then by 1.6 (Example: 155 lbs. x 1 = 155L x 1.6 = 248L)

Fins and Why They are Important

Often times human being forgain simply just how essential fins deserve to be when it comes to paddle boarding. Fins are what store your paddleboard on the right and also narrowhead, so to sheight. The technical term for what fins are responsible for is referred to as “tracking.” In other words, fins keep your board on the right ‘track’ and store the tail of your board from swinging about. This gives you much much better regulate over your board.

There are many various forms and also layouts of fins for paddle boards, via each one serving a slightly different purpose. For instance, a Single Fin setup is usually adjusecure so that you can slide the fin earlier and forth alengthy the bottom of the board within a details margin. Having the fin puburned earlier in the direction of the earlier of the board will make it harder to turn. However before, it will save it tracking directly which renders paddling a breeze and functions excellently for racing. Having the fin pumelted towards the front of the board will make it simpler to revolve which provides the board much better for surfing and paddling in rapids because it gives you even more manage and quicker response time from your board.

Then there’s the tri-fin setup, which features a larger ‘lead fin’ and 2 smaller sized fins, or “side bites.” This erected was originally designed for surfing. However, it works excellent for flat water tracking as well.

Although some civilization might think that all paddle boards have the right to be provided for fundamentally the exact same thing, some boards are significantly better for one activity over another which we will certainly take a look at in the next section of this write-up. Now that we’ve looked at a small little around what makes up a paddle board, let’s dive appropriate in and also take a look at some of 2019’s best paddleboards.

Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

Roc Inflatable Stand also Up Paddle Board – Best Beginner Multi-use Paddleboard


Includes: Board, pump, paddle, leash, backload, waterproof cellphone and also essential bag.

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This board is a really good all-about board for human being that are simply starting to dip their toes right into the people of paddle boarding. While it’s absolutely not a specialty board by any type of indicates, it has actually all the main parts that a beginner would certainly be looking for in a paddleboard and even comes with a pair of extras favor a waterproof bag for your phone and also a bag to lug your paddleboard in once it’s not being used.

The triple fin architecture of this board permits it to be provided as an affable multi-sport paddle board. The truth that you have actually a couple of choices for your fin placement indicates your board will certainly be more flexible. Having the primary fin accompanied by the ‘side bites’ provides it a ideal alternative for a beginners multi-usage paddleboard bereason the board will be nimble sufficient to be supplied for simply about anything you deserve to think of. Surfing? No problem! Flat water paddling? Racing? This board deserve to take on every one of it!

With a decent width of 32 inches and also a versatile planing hull, this board enables those who are new to the sport a possibility to uncover their footing while they glide across the surchallenge of the water. The broader base uses more stcapacity and offers fewer possibilities for a head-over-heels learning endure. Beginners and also even intermediate paddleboarders are sure to obtain many usage out of this paddleboard for many type of periods to come.

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