Lucy Breaks Aquarius Key !, Lucy Has To Break Aquarius Key

So just to make sure, I assume that when summoning the Spirit King, the key is destroyed, but the spirit stays alive.

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Why has Lucy destroyed Aquarius Key to summon the Spirit King? Aquarius admitted that she hated her, even though sometimes she adored Lucy.

If Lucy had sacrificed Loke's Key, there would always be the possibility, that Loke would still accompany/fight for Lucy just because he likes her. So basically she summons like a silver spirit as a messenger for Loke to come and help her out.


It had to be a spirit she had a mutual trust with, meaning a spirit that she truly respected and loved. The condition is that they can NEVER see each other again, meaning the spirit cannot pass back through the gates to the human world; Loke wouldn't have been able to come through again to aid her at all if she had sacrificed his key.

Of all the keys Lucy had it was Aquarius who she had the most respect for, despite Loke being the zodiac leader she always said Aquarius was her strongest spirit, and Aquarius respected and loved Lucy enough that even though she hated her she didn't want her to die. In that moment the mutual respect, and the fact that Lucy was already low on power, was why Aquarius chose to sacrifice herself since Lucy had no way to open another gate.

You should reread that part over again, its stated very clearly why she chose Aquarius key. They had the deepest connection, and the most mutual respect, hence why she destroyed that key.

iirc didnt aquarius essentially forcefully volunteer even with lucy not wanting to make it happen. she sacrificed her self and essentially saved all of fairy tail + aquarius isnt dead shes just stuck in the celestial world.

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They had to have a very strong trust and…

When the key breaks the gate is locked forever, even with her own power Aquarius, or any spirit, can't go through to the human world if their gate is locked.

Loke and Virgo can come on their own because their gates are unlocked but if the key were to break the gate would lock and there would be no way for them to come, no matter how much they wanted to.

For Aquarius she's basically trapped in the spirit world, for her it's a room with no doors.

She basically could have destroyed any of her gold keys and it would have worked it is just that Aquarius was the one who suggested her key be broken to summon the King. Anyway Aquarius isn't dead and it doesn't mean she can't come to the human world or that Lucy could never she her again. If Lucy wanted to see her again she would just travel the spirit world. Also The King doesn't have a key and yet he was still able to come to the human. When Leo key was taken he was still able to remain in the human world. Also if Gemini summoned Lucy before she broke Aquarius Key than a copy of Aquarius Key would still exist.

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It would'nt be the Aquarius key. There is only one of each golden key and copies of them cannot be made in any manner.

The king upholds the rules of the spirit world and can open and close gates at will(close: only if they break the rules)

Leo was forced to remain in the human world, essentially banished and sentenced to die, because his gate was closed due to him braking the rules


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