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June 19, 2019Romantic Poets and Jinjer’s “Pisces”: Meaning, Duality, and also the Person Tragedy

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Hell, what a title, huh? Only a madmale choose myself might find a link in between Romantic poets and also a modern band choose Jinjer. But prior to we talk about Jinjer’s “Pisces”, meaning, duality, and also the human tragedy, there’s somepoint you must understand about Romantic poets.

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They were bad-ass motherfuckers.

They were obviously the rock stars of their day – consisting of drug use – in that they talked around things nobody else dared to. Romantic poets, in basic, had actually the personal integrity to express what they thought. As a result of this integrity, they likewise regularly common another characteristic.

They were tormented souls.

Perhaps it feels confmaking use of to you to hear that. Can a bad-ass really be a frail, introvert creature, haunted and often misunderstood by society?

That’s what we’ll be talking about today. Drawing from Romantic poets such as William Blake and also a song by a modern band also, Jinjer’s “Pisces”, interpretation, duality, and the tragedy of human presence will certainly come complete circle.

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Mike DangerApril 16, 2020

A symbol of duality, the ying yang, is additionally a symbol of union (the union of opposites). Just as a fish lives a life of peace and also tranquility mixed through moments of fear, aggression, terror and also tragedy so also carry out we human beings. Within the duality of Pisces we additionally find shared universal emovements between creatures of all species.

Tatiana and also Eugene themselves shelp, that line in the chorus is “scale armor blaze”. The original post was correct.

I tend to favor (linguistically at least) “belies”. I’ve checked out both versions stated, and there’s a footnote referring to tright here being 2 opinions on the matter. In the finish, it’s really not vital. Thanks for your comment!

Oh, sorry, I didn’t specify Tatiana is the vocalist and also main lyricist in Jinjer, and also Eugene is the baid, manager and also occasionally he writes lyrics also. They created the lyrics for this song together (mainly Tatiana). I gain it, that “bellies” may sound much better linguistically, but still, it is “blaze” what they wrote. As you questioned in your original write-up, scale armor blaze makes perfect sense as well, and I think the lyrics sound a lot more poetic that method.And say thanks to you for this analysis BTW, it was a genuine pleasure to review it. As English is not my primary language, it is really hard for me to decipher the majority of poems. I really appreciate nacdb.coms prefer yours.

Here is the link to the Tatiana and also Eugene facebook QnA video, if web links are allowed: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=748917495868742&ref=watch_permalinkThey talk around it from 50:35, just in case someone is interested.

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I’d be interested in a mix of your interpretation and an ethnomusicologist. There are many type of poetic comparisons given that duality is a topic that is frequently created around. I ran across your nacdb.com by accident, but it has actually been a pleasant suffer.

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