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I"ve noticed that The Beauty Junkee ca. 2009 is making a comeback as I"ve been trying out different products lately, particularly those that are not available locally or the newest in luxury makeup; if you"ve been analysis because that time (and also thank you, from the bottom of my heart), you know that I"ve constantly had actually a fondness for luxury and never-before-seen-and-heard beauty assets, and also it"s coming ago now. Definitely, even more amazing things are in keep for all of you!
My latest acquisition is the highly- raved Jefcost-free Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I have actually uncovered Jefcomplimentary Star through Instagram and also I loved his makeup abilities and screaming neon Pink hair, and also then I uncovered that he has a swell Pink makeup line via his namesake; for starters, I purchased these lipsticks and to date, this is the liquid matte lipstick formula that I love!
This extremely pigmented lipstick goes on matte and assures to remain put for hrs with its long- wearing formula; it"s 100% vegan and also cruelty- free. It is accessible in 31 shades ranging from nudes to pastels to rainbow colors.

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I"m really liking the overall style of his cosmetics line and the choice of Pink as the maiden color; it"s not necessarily luxe, but rather chic and also not tacky at all; it reminds me of MAC Heatherette repertoire, my many favorite repertoire from MAC in regards to packaging.

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The liquid lipsticks come via a paddle shaped brush that slightly curves at the bottom; I view the feeling in this as it helps save the paddle from wobbling about as you run it throughout your lips, therefore helping you attain a essentially cleaner finish; the paddle is tool in size and also fits practically any kind of lip shape.

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Jeffree"s Velour Lipsticks start as runny, watery lipsticks so it"s necessary to apply them gradually to stop dripping; I additionally have actually a method to share to prevent the lipstick from dripping throughout application and that is I kinda" round the bottom of my lips while using color; the saving grace here is the formula dries up in mere secs, hence permitting me to develop it easily and staying clear of dripping altogether.
The lipsticks are pigmented and also colors come to be opaque as they set; they"re not specifically matte to me, yet quite demi-matte; I actually think that the line is aptly called VELOUR LIPSTICKS bereason its texture actually provides the impression of velour. Texture has a little bit of stickiness to it, yet it"s tolerable; compared to Kylie"s Lip Kit, it"s not as drying (in truth, I don"t remember my lips feeling dry via Jeffree"s lipsticks) and does not feel dry. Btw, it has a lovely Root Beer scent and also that gave this lipstick line a distinct touch!

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