How To Make Libra Man Jealous (And Want You More), How To Make A Libra Man Jealous

How to Make a Libra Man Jealous

One of the characteristics of people born under the Libra zodiac sign is that they are righteous. You would never do anything wrong. At least for them, what they do is never unfair. So why would the Libra man have anything like jealousy? After all, jealousy is a feeling or an emotion that results from an unfair judgment of the people around us. But there is still another, in fact, less known, but equally present character trait of the Libra man: the ability to love as Romeo with Othello’s jealousy.

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So what makes the Libra man jealous? And will that help you bring him back after a breakup? Or is it rather counterproductive? Here are the most precious astrology tips you need to make a Libra man jealous!


How to Make a Libra Man Jealous

Are Libra men jealous and possessive?

I have only two simple words to answer this question: Extremely jealous. Yes, of course, in many cases they know how to act and are more or less able to argue. But when a Libra man goes crazy with jealousy, it can get dramatic because he is then capable of the worst. Of course, that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a real hell.

This is mainly because deep down he is vulnerable and very sensitive. He cannot deal rationally with something as strong as an unfaithful partner. Or with a bad relationship. And if he thinks it was, it usually was.

He is also a very needy man, needy in the sense of affection. Most of the time, a Libra man doesn’t even need the presence of a third party to be jealous. He demands a lot from his partner. If his partner does not meet his expectations, he will not understand him and will become jealous. Then he gets the impression that the woman he loves is moving away from him for no real reason.

He can even pretend he’s jealous at times. But if there is one thing that we can say about this man, it is that he will throw himself body and soul into his love affair. It might even make him jealous if he’s not really jealous. In reality, it is his self-esteem that is hurt.

A Libra man who believes there is no need to be jealous is no longer subject to jealousy either, kind of logical, right? But it takes a long time for the Libra man to analyze a certain situation and make a decision. But when Libra do that, then no force can cause them to change their mind. In other words, it will be extremely difficult to make them jealous when they have already formed an opinion about the situation.

How to make a libra man jealous?

Here’s the question that interests you: what makes a Libra man jealous? Have you ever heard of reverse psychology? Essentially, it’s about promoting the opposite of what you want to do in order to get what you want. So in order for him to love you, even more, you have to do things that he doesn’t like. Or in other words, do these things to make him jealous:

Ignore him on social media. The Libra man is a social media zodiac sign. He’s very active and so responsive that you might be surprised at how quickly he responds to messages. So the way to make him jealous is to avoid him in his natural habitat, even if that sounds a bit strange. Stay online as long as possible. Even if you’re doing something else, make sure you’re online regularly and he can see that. But don’t text him. Don’t click on or respond to his messages. You can also post things or photos. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you have a life worthy of publication. That is the principle of Instagram and Facebook anyway, but now, even more, show him your life that you do not share with him.Reply to his messages late. But, you shouldn’t ignore him all the time either. In fact, respond to some of his messages to prevent your jealousy plan from turning against you. So if you answer, do it after making him wait a while. He doesn’t have to get an answer from you right away. Keep him waiting. He should fidget. You can even read his message and choose to reply a little later. That could drive him crazy with jealousy.Don’t respond to his attempts to make you jealous. The man born under the zodiac sign Libra is in the service of justice. Sometimes it manifests in an evil form. This means that he will try to make you jealous by doing the things that you hate the most. If he does, pretend you haven’t noticed. Is he posting pictures with another woman? If you want to provoke him back, comment on these photos and say they go well together. Is he avoiding you? Do the same as if you hadn’t even noticed.Let him know that you care about other men. There is a difference between an ordinary man’s jealousy and a Libra man’s jealousy. The difference is that you don’t have to flirt with other men. Just tell him that there is a way that you could do it. You can do it by admiring other men. Or talk to him about her as if nothing was there. Or talk to a friend about these men and ask them what she thinks of another man, of course only while he is there. I’m sure that will make him very jealous.

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How does the Libra man show his jealousy?

It is not difficult to spot a jealous Libra man. They’re so bad at hiding their anger and frustration that they’re easy to spot. Even without being a great psychologist.

A jealous Libra man will suffer from anxiety and irritability. The Libra man, usually calm and composed, will then begin to breathe or sigh a little harder and more often. It won’t be very pleasant to see him like this. But that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?

He will behave in a strange or unusual way with you. Even if you are the one suspected of having an affair, your behavior will get bizarre. The suspicion does not fit men with the zodiac sign Libra and is beginning to show.

He will do everything he can to make you jealous. Revenge is just one of the ways a Libra man shows his jealousy. That way, he’ll give you a taste of your own technique by making you jealous in turn.

When all of his tantrums are over, he’ll tell you what’s bothering him. It will be a good time to get the most out of it. Share your feelings with him and express your desire to get things right.

If you make him jealous, will the Libra man come back? The simplest answer is yes. You will get his attention by making him jealous. But jealousy alone won’t bring him back. After a while, he will begin to see jealousy as an unfair feeling. Then we have to act quickly.

Be honest with your feelings. I know that usually, you may not know how you are feeling. But in this case, tell him. Reveal your feelings. But be careful how you do it.

Don’t make it appear needy. He will start to find new reasons to avoid you when it gets too much for him. So let him know what’s on your mind and get out of here.

More importantly, you always keep the mood. Getting dramatic and emotional won’t help you in your case. You need to look like a calm, collected, and serene woman who is capable of adult and mature relationships.

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Don’t forget to play the game of seduction with him a little. He too must be satisfied. Honesty alone won’t bring him back. You have to show him the romantic potential to get back to you.

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