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Gemini season is almost upon us, as May 21 marks the start of the zodiac sign. If this also means that a special man in your life–romantic or just platonic–will be celebrating a birthday, it's time to get cracking on the gifts. But we don't blame you for being a bit intimidated. As common Gemini traits include intelligent, indecisive, and impulsive, it might be difficult to find a fitting gift that will impress the person. But that's why we're here to help.

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Here are the best birthday gifts to surprise a Gemini man.


1. Record Player

Geminis love music and finding new things to learn about and get into. So what better than a retro way to listen to all of his favorite albums? Using a record player isn't difficult to learn, but it is fun for the curious mind. Plus, since Geminis are very adaptable, they'll love finding a new vertical for music listening. Buy it here.

2. Self-Help Journal

A common hobby for many Geminis is writing, so you'll help them get more in tune with themselves with a self-help journal. You can find plenty of interesting options on Amazon, ranging from happiness planners to list projects. Our personal favorite is the Let That Sh*t Go book. Buy it here.

3. Luggage

Because Geminis love to travel, receiving new luggage would be a hit. This zodiac sign is also known to be super organized, so the idea of getting new bags to better place all of their stuff when they adventure out somewhere would be happily welcomed. Buy it here.

4. Camera

Generally known to be artistic, Geminis are all about self-expression. A new camera, whether it be disposable, for polaroids, or even a professional one (depending on your price range) would be a great gift. The Fujifilm Instax is always a crowd pleaser! Buy it here.

5. Scratch-Off Map

The curious and adventurous side to a Gemini has likely pondered at a map from time to time, so why not help them out deciding where to go next with a scratch off map? This way, they can plan all of their next trips and dream vacations. Buy it here.

6. Book Lover Mug

If your Gemini man is big on coffee or tea, you can find some pretty great mugs to reflect their interests, for example reading. Amazon has a ton of cool options, with our favorite being one that hilariously reads, “Bookmarks are for quitters.” Buy it here.

7. Tickets to a Comedy Show

As Geminis are typically spontaneous and outgoing, going out somewhere that isn't your everyday bar is ideal. With comedy club tickets, you two can go have an adventurous night full of laughs.

8. Portable Charger

Like we've mentioned, Geminis are both adventurous and spontaneous, so that means they might not have a fully charged phone at all times. They're usually down to drop what they're doing for a new activity, so having a portable charger on them would be a lifesaver. Buy it here.

9. Whiteboard Calendar

Similar to the scratch off map, a whiteboard calendar is fit for Geminis who are always looking to their next adventure. For someone who loves new and fun things, along with organization, it would only make sense to have a big calendar to write and erase all of their plans. Buy it here.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

Geminis can never have enough music. There are plenty of great options for bluetooth speakers both inexpensive and more high-end on Amazon, and we'd recommend the OontZ Angle 3. Buy it here.

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11. Tent

Your adventurous Gemini might already have a tent if they love going camping or just the outdoors, but they might be in need for an upgrade. Again, Amazon has super good choices for any type of person, like the Coleman Sundome model. Buy it here.

12. Concert Tickets

You won't even need to spend a ton if you're looking to go to a concert with your Gemini, as lesser-known acts could make for a fun, spontaneous night. And being around music all night should be enough for the man in your life.

13. Personalized Stationery

Does your Gemini love writing and drawing, as well as chatting with their friends? We're guessing you answered yes, so personalized stationery would be an awesome gift. This way, they can jot down ideas, notes, or even full on invitations with a little touch of personalized flair. Buy it here.

14. Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

If your Gemini is always on the go, which is a common trait for the sign, then they're going to need to stay hydrated. A reliable water bottle is a must for anyone who travels often or is just out of the house all day. Buy it here.

15. Backpack

Again, if the Gemini in your life is constantly moving and often spends the night at places he didn't prepare for, a spacious backpack is key. Buy it here.

16. Cocktail Recipe Book

Geminis are all about trying something new and learning a different skill, so why not have mixology be next on the list? A book on basic cocktails could open the door for a brand new hobby, all thanks to you. Buy it here.

17. Airpods

…or an Airpods case, if this Gemini already owns them. As someone who is constantly on the move and always listening to music, these earbuds are perfect to never get in the way. Buy them here.

18. GPS Navigation

All of the most spontaneous people absolutely need a GPS navigation system in their car, for all the times they decide to just get up and drive off to a new place. According to Mashable, this list includes the best car GPS systems of 2019.

19. Dancing Classes

Another adventurous night out would be taking dance lessons. Even if you're not particularly coordinated, the Gemini in your life will likely love to do something so out of the norm.

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20. Choose Your Own Adventure Book

As you might know, Geminis generally love reading, and to bring out that adventurous side to them, what better than a Choose Your Own Adventure book? They're not just for kids. Buy one here.

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