How To Verify Your Gemini Account Verification Time, How Long Does It Take To Get Verified

Weeks to month(s) depending what state or country you are from. Also depends if it's a personnal or institutional account.

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It doesn't at all. I closed my account that wouldn't verifiy. Opened a new one, 2-3 days later it was verified. Might have even been 24 hours. I'm not and institutional investor.

My first Gemini account was still pending after 1 month. So what worked for me was “creating a new account”, then attempting the verification process again. Second time around I created a new account, then submitted a support request along with the verification application. It took 3 days the second time. So if you're still not verified. Try closing your old account and open a new one. Then resubmit the app along with a support inquiry into the long verification wait.

It looks like you wrote a lowercase I instead of an uppercase I. This has happened 4863 times on since the launch of this bot.

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Close your account. Create a new one along with the verification app, submit a support request along with it, asking why your account verification is taking so long. It will probably get verified in a couple days.

Hmm it took me less than 12 hours today. However, I did immediately submit a ticket about the verification since I saw others saying it took weeks to months.

Close your account. Create a new one, and make sure you use your complete full name. Make sure the name on your bank account matches the info. That could be a reason for long delays. I've had that problem before on coinbase.

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I know this is a month or so old but i got verified within 14 mins. I submitted my id and info 16 mins ago and got the email 14 minutes after saying that my account was verified. the only thing i can suggest is make sure ur id is taken against a darker surface so it shows well….make sure there isnt any glare and if there is hold it at a slight angle so the letters numbers and other info is clearly visible….and of course use your real info/ bank account from a normal high traffic bank like bank of american and so on not some online only bank. good luck guys.


Gemini is a digital asset exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital currencies. This is not about the horoscope!

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