Five Social Listening Hacks & How to Implement Them

The ability to use social listening to tap into conversations happening anywhere, in real-time, is powerful. But what good is that power without the techniques and tools to transform all that information into actionable business insights? 

Social listening isn’t just a powerful tool for marketers and social media managers—it’s a valuable source of business intelligence for your entire organization. That’s why Sprout’s own experts—Diana Barris, Product Marketing Manager and Skylar Piro, Enterprise Customer Success Manager—teamed up to break down our top five hacks to help you more powerfully inform your content strategy, leverage brand sentiment and get the most out of listening data.

Whether you’re looking to get started with social listening or are a full-on pro, we’re sharing expert hacks to take all your skills to the next level. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to analyze your competition and benchmark social efforts with listening data
  • The best way to share insights across your marketing team and beyond
  • Creative ways marketers are using listening today


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