Fighting with an aquarius man

Aquarius guys are open-minded, tolerant, compassionate and forward-thinking. Someone born under this zodiac sign has a specifically strong sense of social justice. They live by a ethical code and honest behaviour. But that doesn’t expect that they don’t acquire hurt.

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So what does hurt Aquarius man? To understand that let’s examine his star authorize first.


Air authorize Ruled by Uranus Symbol the Water Bearer Fixed sign

Positive traits: open-minded, acceptance, uniqueness, creativity, altruistic, independent.

Negative traits: unable to commit, easily-fixated, unfocused, disassociated, eccentric, invarious.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, ruled by Uranus, symbolized by the Water-bearer. Air indications think on their feet, plucking brilliant concepts out of thin air. They have actually the gift of the gab and are intelligent communicators.

Uranus is the world of dramatic and also revolutionary change. Uranus governs scientific discovery and invention. Rebellion and also upincreasing are likewise attached to this mysterious world.

Fixed signs are the employees of the zodiac. Wbelow cardinal indications start the procedure and mutable signs finish the task, solved indicators are the doers.

Characteristics Of An Aquarius Man

This person is a distinctive individual that tends to stand out from the crowd. He have the right to be the nerdy geek that is passionate around telling someone about the weird behaviour of photon particles. Or he’s the weird man via the pink and also green hair that serves you at the fast-food restaurant.

Aquarius is perhaps the the majority of non-judgemental authorize of the zodiac. They are open-minded around world, plans, projects, you name it, they’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. They are also hugely creative and if they don’t work-related in a creative market they’ll use this talent in their spare time.

They also have a strong sense of social justice. They feel compassion for someone worse off than themselves. As such, you’ll regularly find them functioning, or at leastern, contributing to causes in life they feel strongly about.

Aquarius guys, in specific, don’t choose to be restricted or tied dvery own in any type of way. So although they may acquire married or relocate in through a partner, what Aquarius prefer to perform is have a Friday night out via the boys. Failing that, they’ll have a hobby that affords them some alone time.

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Aquarius men are trustworthy and easy-going and expect their partners to be the exact same. They are directly talkers and worth honesty. You won’t capture an Aquarius guy cheating, his high ethical simply won’t allow it.

Now that we understand more around Aquarius guy, what damages him?

13 Ways To Hurt An Aquarius Man

If you want to know just how to hurt an Aquarius man in a connection below are 13 ways you will certainly hurt his feelings:

1. Insult his intelligence


No guy desires to be told he is a rubbish lover, however it’s a tiny various with Aquarius guy. He is not renowned for his warmth and tactile nature, in or out of the sack. So it is quite possible that you can feel he is not a passionate lover.

However, bereason he is so open-minded around sex he might think that he is a considerate lover. Although honesty is constantly the best plan through Aquarius, try and sugar-coat this message. You recognize what guys are choose through their egos.

12. Ask them to stick to a routine

Aquarius man’s ruling world Uranus dictates the sudden drastic change, so there’s nothing this authorize hates more than a boring, day-to-day regime. So shake things up. If he argues an impulsive pilgrimage to the beach then takes him up on it. Or if he wants to try out that brand-new Tibetan/Scottish fusion restaurant then go through him.

13. Say that you are disappointed in them

Aquarians have actually the majority of pride in themselves and also they are afraid of letting human being dvery own, in specific, the substantial other in their life. There are not many type of things you deserve to say in a relationship that will hurt him more.


How does an Aquarius act once hurt?

Aquarius, once hurt, has a tendency to go silent. This is bereason they need time ameans to sort their feelings out. Only when they are all set will they pick up the phone or agree to talk about the difficulty.

How execute you make an Aquarius male miss you?

Aquarius is the sign of freedom and as such, they appreciate it in other human being. Show them that you are qualified of looking after yourself. That you have actually your very own interests and passions and that you don’t actually require them. That will make them sit up and take notice.

What happens if you neglect an Aquarius man?

There is a peril that if you deliberately ignore an Aquarius guy he will certainly just ignore you straight ago. After all, these males are not idiots. But it is a great concept to provide them room once in a while. To allow them some flexibility and also to not always be obtainable to them.

Are Aquarius men picky?

In a partnership, Aquarius man is somepoint of a picky star sign in the zodiac. This is bereason he is so independent. He’s not that interested in settling down. So you need to be really special for him to want to date or commit to you.

Do Aquarius relocate on quickly?

Unfortunately yes they perform. Aquarius are not considered to be sentimental or slushy kinds. They might not be as brutal as Gemini once they finish a connection yet they deserve to revolve their backs easily and also move on as if nothing has actually taken place.

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What are your thoughts on just how to hurt an Aquarius man? Have you ever dated an Aquarian and hurt him, either deliberately or by accident? If so, execute you agree through my points?

I’d love to hear your views! Please feel cost-free to share this post if you delighted in analysis it.

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