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Sometimes posts you schedule to your networks might fail to publish. A content issue might occur or you might hit a rate limit. In any case, Sprout Social has a variety of ways to notify you when posts fail, so you can take action and get your posts to your audiences.

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Failed Post notifications on mobile

For Sprout’s mobile app, set up Failed Post notifications to stay in the know while you’re on-the-go.

To set up notifications for failed posts:

  1. Tap Screen_Shot_2021-05-05_at_10.16.06_AM.pngat the bottom right of the app.
  2. Tap Notification Preferences.
  3. Scroll down and enable the Failed Posts toggle.

After you enable these notifications, you can tap a failed post notification in the app. This opens Compose, so you can send, schedule or queue the post again.

There are various reasons why a post might fail to publish. For more information, see:

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Failed Post Notifications on desktop

The Notifications Drawer for Sprout desktop gives you insight into your failed posts. The notifications appear in the drawer as Issues.

To navigate to the failed stream to troubleshoot the issue:


  1. Click Screen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_1.51.06_PM.png in the top-right corner to open the Notifications Drawer.
  2. Click the Issues tab.
  3. Click the issue you want to troubleshoot.
  4. Click Go to failed stream. Fix and resend your post or delete it.

Note: Issues clear out of the notifications drawer only when you successfully resend or delete your failed post.

For more information about the Notifications Drawer on desktop, check out this help article.

Failed Stream

The Failed Stream is a dedicated space where you can view posts that failed to publish and learn what prevented a successful post. From the Failed Stream, you can revise, resubmit or resend a post to complete publishing. You can filter by Profiles in the right panel and sort by failure time above the stream.

To get started, navigate to Publishing > Failed Posts.

A banner at the bottom of each post states the issue. To learn more, click Show Details. To revise and resubmit or resend a post, click Hollow_Edit.png.



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