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Hi I am starting out on my crypto journey soon with the recent drop of BTC (under 55K). However, I’ve been hearing good things about both platforms Coinbase Pro and Gemini.

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I was wondering if I’m a passive trader who just wants to do weekly / monthly buys of BTC because I will be holding it for years and not really have to pay attention to the overall market, what platform would be better?

In addition – I heard Gemini recently launched an Earn program where you get compound interest daily – would that make it more viable?


Both are good options, both are having the same root issue, too many new users. My Gemini account has been stuck waiting for verification for over a month and support hasnt gotten back to me. My coinbase pro went through right away and I was able to trade. Others have had the opposite situation. I like the coinbase pro better but Gemini gives you a certain amount of free withdrawals from the exchange a month which is nice.

I’m not planning to withdraw any time soon when I do open an account and even when I withdraw, I don’t think it’d be more than once a month. So I don’t think the free withdrawals would influence my decision unless I’m missing something.

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With that being said, does Coinbase pro have an interest program too like Gemini. It seems really appealing for that Gemini Earn program. And may I ask why you decided to open up Gemini and Coinbase pro (was it simply because Gemini didn’t verify your account yet?)



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Why is it your favorite app versus Coinbase Pro and Gemini? What is it that makes it standout compared to the rest?


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