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Aries Plumbing Inc. Vernon Holliday, 5100 Heege Rd, St Louis, MO holds a Plumbing Contractor license and 7 other licenses according to the University City license board.

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Their nacdb.com score of 113 ranks in the top 3% of 23,328 Missouri licensed home builders.

Their license was confirmed as energetic when we last checked. If you are thinking of hiring Aries Pipes Inc. Vernon Holliday, we recommfinish double-checking their license standing via the license board and making use of our bidding mechanism to obtain competitive quotes.

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Aries Plumbing Inc. Vernon Holliday has a nacdb.com score of 113, which areas them over 97% of 23,328 home builders in Missouri.
Our building permit records show that Aries Pipes Inc. Vernon Holliday has actually worked on at least245 projects over the previous 3 years.
Analyzing permits over the last 4 years mirrors that Aries Pipes Inc. Vernon Holliday mostly functions onplumbing projectand residence additiontasks.
The typical dimension of their permits is around $1,950. This graph mirrors the distribution of these project worths.

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Pro tip: For more details around their pricing, examine out their recent activity to watch how a lot they have charged for different types of occupational.
Aka 1866 engelholm ave r (city of pagedale public water dept) relocate a section of 1 water organization line starting at the st. louis county meter including new meter box and 110 of 1 type k soft copper reconnecting to existing 1 copper in parking lot. city of pagedale responsible for final landscaping the parking lot
***this residential or commercial property is situated in the municipality of ferguson. st. louis county does not currently carry out code enforcement services in this municipality for this form of application. please call them straight for permit information. thank you.***replace stack and also install brand-new mansarea traditional elevation toilet
This is not apart of the water regimen the owner has actually hired us to install a brand new water line to a farm home on the building from the major to to inside the foundation approx 8 are first application for a permit was changed #16plu-08797 stating the water program-this task is not acomponent of the water regime. thank you
Relocation existing ada toilet and also hand also sink. rearea 50 gal gas water heater via 40 gal gas water heater. cap two hand also sinks and 3 drainpipe.remove grease trap and cap lines. cap drainpipe and water for three compartment sink. cap gas line on roof
Replace kitchen waste and also vent stack via schedule 40 pvc starting 6 above the basement floor reattach 24 over the initially floor. replace deteriorated area of main actors iron stack founding 6 above the basement floor to basement ceiling
Rehabground turbulent wall turbulent final and also water organization inspectionsinstall waste vent pipe water pipe and install customer provided fixtures for one kitchen one powder room one hall bathroom one understand bth and also one full bathroom in the basement1.5 water organization from main to inside
Ptimber to cap water supply on the right/eastern side of meter of the duplex and rearea hot & cold water provides with zurn pex pipe effectively sized and valved beginning at the meter on the ideal side serving: 2 hose bibs one water heater one collection of laundry bibs one kitchen sink and also reaffix to existing 1/2 copper risers for 2 complete baths. phardwood to also cap left side water heater fl... view more
This occupational may be extended under the water lateral repair regimen - please call them at 615-8420. if it is not going to be covered under the water repair regimen please show that in the description of occupational.****** rearea water service from main to inside foundation about 60
***please resubmit referencing the building permit number scope of occupational was apshowed under.***install waste vent pipe and also water pipe for one ada fifty percent bathroom consisting of one toilet one hand sink and also one floor drain
Replace section of 4 actors iron structure drainpipe with schedule 40 pvc starting simply inside the foundation ago to the 4 pvc stack 24 over the basement floor addition new floor drainpipe alongside heater and also 4 stack 12 over the floor around 12
Rearea roughly 25 of building drainpipe starting at rear structure including brand-new laundry standpipe floor drainpipe and also reattach to existing stack 12 above the the basement floor. install waste vent water pipe and also install customer provided fixtures for one kitchen sink dishwasher, garbage disposal and also water heater
Break up around 66 of basement floor to rearea deteriorated building drain founding at existing pvc in room addition serving 4 stack reattach to existing pvc for full bathroom attached to existing 2 pvc stack 12 over the basement floor for kitchen consisting of new floor drain and also one laundry standpipe. replace 4 cast iron stack starting 6 over the basement floor and reconnect ... watch more
Properly vent basement laundry and cap off first floor laundry waste and also water appropriately vent basement bathroom starting at hand sink 17 above the basement floor to 42 above the initially floor reaffix to existing 4 cast iron stack replace deteriorated waste and vent stack for first floor complete bathroom beginning 6 above the basement floor to 42 over the first floor
Install waste, vent water pipe for wash machine in room addition. waste vent starting at existing pvc in basement and also extend 12 over the roof. water pipe to start at 3/4 copper approximately 35 amethod. run gas supply for dryer beginning in basement at nearest link including brand-new shut off
Cut and also cap gas supply to first floor firelocation. rerelocate saddle on gas line to dryer. install new push reducing valve. install brand-new expansion tank and also relief valve on existing water heater. cap off basement bathroom flush through basement floor. relocation waste and overflow arm and also p trap on initially floor grasp bathroom
Replace deteriorated cast iron stacks starting 6 over the basement floor to 30 above the first floor. rearea 2 cast iron stack serving one shower in master bathroom founding 6 over the basement floor reconnect at basement ceiling consisting of brand-new 2 trap on shower
***tbelow is an integrated building permit for the kitchen work. please acquire plumbing signature sheet from general contractor sign and go back to one of our offices thank you.***appropriately waste and vent and install customer supplied fixtures for kitchen
***if there is any type of framing and/or drywall work tbelow must be an integrated permit. if no framing or drywall job-related being done please note that in your summary of job-related say thanks to you.***install waste vent water pipe and install customer supplied fixtures for single bowl island also sink garbage disposal and dishwasher run approximately 25 of gas line to serve stove consisting of new floor flange... watch more
Code violations: hall bath- replace plastic corrugated offset from whip joint to p trap rerelocate gas line saddle clamp and also install babsence iron nipples and tee attach to existing shut off serving range first floor tub arm and trap- replace lead arm and also trap with pvc reconnecting to existing pvc waste and overcirculation carry water heater up to code
***if tright here is framing and/or drywall work-related being done tright here need to be an integrated building permit for this occupational. if no framing/drywall job-related being done please put the following no framing/drywall work being done likewise in your summary of occupational give thanks to you.***furnish and install 40 gal electric water heater. install customer provided toilet vanity and also kitchen sink
***if this is a brand-new bathroom being constructed in the basement there must be an integrated building permit for this work-related give thanks to you.***install waste vent and also water pipe for one complete bathroom in basement
***besides the fixtures you noted tright here was likewise a lavatory approved. please include this if you are doing it give thanks to you.***install waste vent water pipe and also customer offered fixtures for one ada toilet one sink through floor drainpipe one shower and one 50 gal electrical water heater
Replace stack beginning 6 over the basement floor to 48 above the initially floor. properly vent basement bathroom founding 12 over the basement floor to 42 above the initially floor. rearea galvanize water supply through type m copper founding at existing 3/4 copper
Relocation imcorrect waste and vent stack starting 6 above the basement floor to 24 above the first floor serving one kitchen sink and also reattach to existing pvc going with foundation. rearea aluminum flue pipe to water heater
Replace deteriorated stack beginning 6 above the basement floor to 24 over the first floor serving one complete bathroom in hallmeans and also one fifty percent bathroom in understand bedroom reattaching to existing fixtures
Ptimber to cap off imcorrectly mounted basement bathroom. phardwood to breakup floor wright here needed and cap drains for shower and toilet haul ameans debris and patch earlier concrete
***we have no permit jurisdiction in university city please call the municipality - thanx!***rearea imappropriate and deteriorated 2 cast iron kitchen stack beginning 3 above the basement floor to 24 over the first floor
***just 1 water heater have the right to be on an application. please reuse with 2 sepaprice applications. give thanks to you***install 2 40 gal gas power vent water heaters (customer supplied)
Replace waste vent pipe and also reset existing fixtures for initially floor bathroom & kitchen extend vent for basement bathroom founding at cast iron 20 above the basement floor to 42 above the initially floor
Relocation leaking section of 4 stack & structure drainpipe via schedule 40 founding 18 below the basement slab roughly 2 long and reattach to existing 3 copper 50 over the basement floor with new 4 clean out
***permit have to be produced as plumbing/multifamily/water heater to be processed...please reuse with the correct type...thanx!***rearea one 40 gallon gas water heater through development tank in 2nd floor closet
***please resubmit as multi family members type***install customer offered fixtures for one double bowl vanity one solid surchallenge shower base and also reset existing toilet including waste vant and water for brand-new area
Install waste vent pipe and also water supply for initially floor wash machine link. refind 3 stack swarm to foundation and also re- attach to existing 2 pvc drain
Rearea deteriorated 2 actors iron kitchen stack via schedule 40 pvc starting 6 over the basement floor to 24 over the first floor reconnecting to existing vent and install customer supplied garbage disposal
City of brenthardwood - no stl co jurisdiction replace area of building drain inside garage starting at garage door to rear wall reconnecting to 4 stack
***please fill in all tools in tool details section: if a device is not listed it should be detailed in the distinct items section"***install waste, vent water pipe and also install customer supplied fixtures
Cap waste and also water supply to imcorrect sink in basement. install appropriate clean out for first floor kitchen. relocation improper connection on hall bathroom vanity. relocation aluminum flue pipe on water heater
Rearea roughly 23 of deteriorated cast iron building drain founding at front structure reconnect to existing pvc serving primary stack and floor drainpipe. consisting of brand-new laundry standpipe and also indirect drain for energy sink and also reconnect to existing 3 stack 42 over the basement floor that serve initially floor laundry
***tright here is an integrated structure permit. if this occupational is component of that scope please get the plumbing copy from the general contractor authorize and also return to our office say thanks to you.***installed customer supplied delta tub/shower valve. code correction on water heater and also bathroom and kitchen sink faucets
Rearea waste vent and resituate water lines in grasp bathroom installing customer provided fixtures for(two full toilets ago to backbuilding permit #0215-0127 through frontenac
Encshed the earlier porch (9'x4') for living inner remodel(kitchen baths, laundry and basement). company readjust
***please resubmit as plumbing multifamily waterheater say thanks to you!***install design 50lbe-47 gallon electric water heater in unit b of a multifamily
Replace imcorrectly set up waster vent stack starting 6 above the basement floor to 30 above the first floor reattach exisitng fixtures
Install waste, vent water pipe and also customer supplied fixtures for one bathroom and kitchen. remove plumbing from initially floor half and bar sink. install gas supply for dryer and range height
Rearea waste and vent pipe install customer supplied fixtures for one full bathroom and kitchen sink through dishwasher and garbage disposal
Replace existing cast iron stack with schedule 40 pvc founding 6 over the basement floor to 24 above the initially floor bathroom reattaching to existing fixtures
Replace existing waste vent and also water piping serving 2nd floor complete bathroom reattaching existing fixtures. replace warm & cold water pipe including new prv in bsm f&i 40 gal gas water heater
Install new 3/4 form l copper about 40 from 3/4 link in utility room to cook peak in kitchen. enhancement on for 19bld-04614 beth at st louis co shelp necessary brand-new permit
Rearea area of stack through schedule 4 pvc beginning 6 over the basement floor to just over sanitary tee at basement ceiling. cap existing waste and vent for illegal half bathroom
Rearea deteriorated area of 4 cast iron stack starting 6 over the basement floor to bottom of 4x2 wye simply listed below floor joist
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