Agency Partner Success Story: Chatterkick

Iowa-based social media agency Chatterkick is no stranger to turning awareness into action for its clients.

The company provides a range of services to brands around the globe, from full-funnel social media strategy planning to marketing technology implementation and everything in between.

But it’s the ability of the Sprout Social Agency Partner to turn ambitions into real-world achievements that keeps long-term partnerships with clients such as Greenberg’s Jewelers.

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A gem of a deal

Greenberg’s Jewelers has been providing fine jewelry to customers in the Midwest for more than 100 years. It’s also been a Chatterkick client for the past five.

“Greenberg’s is a family-owned business with eight Midwest locations,” said Allison Gates, Creative Manager at Chatterkick. “We’ve been Greenberg’s partner for more than five years, and in that time, we’ve helped them build an engaged – in both senses of the word – and happy community. Essentially, we’ve built a well-oiled social media machine that runs on authentic connections with Greenberg’s. This allows us to ‘turn it on’ and ramp up leads when needed. Of course, any machine needs maintenance. That’s why we continuously evaluate metrics and push boundaries of creativity and innovation to connect with their audience and get results that align with their business goals.”

Allison Gates

Creative Manager, Chatterkick

One such example was a recent social ad campaign Chatterkick launched to improve Greenberg’s’ customer email list. In addition to expanding the brand’s email base, the goal was to collect valuable customer insights, such as preferred store locations and purchase histories, to inform future marketing and customer care strategies.

The agency crafted an eye-catching campaign featuring a free giveaway to encourage email list sign-ups. Using Sprout Social’s suite of paid tools, Chatterkick was able to quickly plan, launch and measure paid ads on social, then easily share the results using presentation-ready reports.

Chatterkick Tweet

Shining on social

In less than a month, across Facebook and Instagram, Chatterkick’s social ad campaign generated:

  • 255,300 impressions
  • 11,450 clicks
  • 5,279 engagements
  • 3,200 leads through email form submissions

“Both the Chatterkick and Greenberg’s teams were very pleased with the results of this campaign,” Gates said. “And thanks to Sprout’s Paid Performance Report, we’ll be able to easily show the impact these results have made.”

Forging personal connections in a digital world isn’t a challenge for Chatterkick, it’s a mission.

As winner of 2018’s Sprout Partner Value Award for Social Media Campaign of the Year, and as demonstrated by the agency’s long-lasting client relationships, Chatterkick can truly say “mission accomplished.”

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