2020 Trends and 2021 Predictions for the Year Ahead

Customer Panel


  • Shareil Nariman, Program Manager, Customer Lifecycle, Sprout Social – Moderator
  • Daniela Vieira, Senior Director, Digital & Social, fluent360
  • Celeste Scott, Social Media Coordinator, Squarespace
  • Javid Louis, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, HangarFour
  • Kamilah Jones, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing & External Affairs, New Teacher Center

Session Time: 45 minutes

About this presentation and discussion
In this session, social marketers from every career stage explain how to plan for 2021 using today’s trends, and offer predictions for what will go big—and what will fade away. With representation from the agency, tech and nonprofit worlds, this customer panel answers questions like:

  • “What were the biggest trends and highlights from 2020 on social?”
  • “What can I expect from 2021 as a social marketer?”
  • “How can I build flexibility into our 2021 plan as global circumstances continue to shift?”

Additional learning material and related sessions
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