10 #SMM Questions You Should Know How to Ask and Answer


  • Lucy Hitz, Manager, Customer Marketing, Sprout Social
  • Rob Brooks, Social Media Specialist, University of Newcastle

About this webinar: “Social media manager” has only been a job title for the last 10 years. Many who manage social today report to decision-makers who have social media knowledge, but haven’t worked in it full-time. To assert social influence when you don’t have a seat at the leadership table, you need to make every conversation impactful.

In this webinar, Rob Brooks, Social Media Specialist at the University of Newcastle, and Sprout’s Lucy Hitz dissect 10 questions all SMMs should be prepared to not only answer, but to ask. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to answer the most fundamental questions social marketers hear every day, and how to find those answers using Sprout
  • How to go from reactive to proactive with pointed questions to ask yourself and your team in order to drive strategy
  • How to build reports specific to your unique business needs


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